IT Task Force Meeting, 10/30/97

Attending: Joe Patlak, Rebecca Martin, Lauck Parke, Deborah Shenk, Geetha Ramanathan, Roger Lawson, Keith Kennedy and Patrick Russell

Handouts: "Budgeting for IT"
"Administrative Systems and Data"
"Teaching and Learning"

Reported by: Patrick Russell


Focus of the meeting was to come to an agreement on the writing plan and format for the draft due November 11th. Agreed to follow 4 broad categories (report themes) that include:

  1. Teaching and Learning
  2. 'Desktop' Support
  3. Role of the CLEO Leadership at UVM (Chief Learning and Information Officer)
  4. Administrative Support & Systems (suggestions made to refer to it as the enterprise business systems and this is TBD)

Focus will not dwell on the stable/efficient IT systems like the telephone and campus network but rather on those that are problematic. We will clearly define the reasons for change along the:


The report will consists of 4 parts:

1) Preamble that will:

2) Executive Summary will begin with the Preamble and run about 2 pages.

3) Text will be up to 10 pages of support for the Executive Summary

4) Appendices

- For reader reference of details noted in Executive Summary and Text


Action Items:

Note: your humble scribe had some difficulty summarizing all the views expressed in yesterday's meeting, so please comment on any inaccuracies or points missed.