Subject: Minutes from 10/16/97 ITTF meeting

Present: Martha Cafferky, Mark Fitzsimmons, David Howell, Keith Kennedy, Roger Lawson, Lauck Parke, Rebecca Martin, David Punia, Geetha Ramanathan, Pat Russell, and Deborah Shenk.

Handouts :

Classroom Instructional Technology:

Discussion on this lead to how classroom IT improvement budget should be allocated. Rebecca felt that if she has the budget then it is easier for her to plan and use the money better. The way it is now, she doesnt know if she will get it or how much from year to year. Members felt that it is good idea for the money to be allocated to Rebecca's budget but spending it should go through the CLO.

Budgeting for IT:

- Clarification of some of the items in the handout.

- Martha will reword some of the items discussed.


The Learning and Information Gateway:

- Short discussion of the handout.

Rebecca has already given a copy of this to the President and looks like she likes it. The buzz word here is intellectual commons. Rebecca will also add a note regarding the revamping of lexis.

Lauck joined at this time (???) and handed out the minutes from the meeting with the President. He suggested that we send a copy to the President in order for her to see her quotes from the meeting before we put it on the web. Roger will do this.

There was discussion of when we should release the initial draft to the campus and to have the open forum. It was decided that even if it is a couple of weeks late, we should release the draft only when we feel we are ready and then set up the open forum.

_ GR

Geetha Ramanathan