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Plan-IT Electronic Mailing List
Configuration Page

Primary Controls

Enter your e-mail address

Enter your first and last name

Choose an action.

Subscribe to the Plan-IT discussion list.
Un-Subscribe (signoff) from the discussion list.
Review the discussion list's subscriber list.
Get help for "classic" Listserv commands

Other Controls for Subscribers


Instead of sending me a bunch of little messages as people post them, send me a daily digest of all messages.


Keep me on the list, but temporarily stop sending me mail (because I'm going on vacation to Maui).


Resume sending me mail (I'm back from Maui), and acknowledge my own posting to the list by sending me a copy.


Resume sending me mail (I'm back from Maui), but do not acknowledge my postings by sending me a copy(I trust the technology).

How to interact with the list

To make a posting to the list, send an electronic mail message to:

Fill in a meaningful subject field (to give a short description about your message) and then type in the message. Within a few minutes, maybe as long as an hour, your message will be sent to all the subscribers.

By default, your postings will be sent to the list, and no copy will come back to you. It is assumed you kept one. If you want or need confirmation, change your acknowledgement setting by using the controls above.

To reply to a posting from the list, use the normal reply function of your mailer, but remember that your reply will go to everyone on the list. If you wish to respond only to the author, take care that you explicitly take the necessary steps to do so. These steps vary from mailer to mailer (pine is not netscape is not Eudora).

DO NOT send "unsubscribe" or "signoff" messages to If you want to signoff use the radio buttons above or sent a message to with the text unsubscribe Plan-IT your name.

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