Information Technology
Task Force

Meeting # 1: Interim Vice President Ray Lavigne's Charge

Ray Lavigne began the meeting by thanking the committee for agreeing to participate in this planning effort and anticipating a question:

Why are we undertaking another IT planning task force in view of the many well-intentioned and well-founded efforts?

"The intent is to build upon the efforts of previous efforts, which have not resulted in a concrete widely-accepted plan for IT at UVM, to develop a strategy for implementation and budgeting. In April President Ramaley asked me to develop a strategic and tactical IT plan, including a proposed expansion of the Library and the replacement of the Telecommunication system. President Ramaley believes that technology and specifically information technology is critical to UVM's future."


The IT vision and plan must include research, instruction, and administrative information technology applications.

Examples of issues to be addressed are:

These are just some of the questions and issues that should be included in the evaluation of IT and its development of an IT vision and plan.

"In terms of the timetable, I recommend that a draft report be ready for campus comments by the end of October. After review and comment by the campus, a final proposal should be delivered to the Provost and Vice President for Administration for their review and approval by January 15, 1998."


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