V. Resource Implications for High-Priority Recommendations

The following recommended actions have been identified as priorities within the Information Technology Plan and their success depends upon the assignment of required resources. In some cases, opportunities to reallocate funds and staff to support these activities may exist; such possibilities require further exploration. The achievement of these goals requires comprehensive, systematic decisions related to technology investments. Where appropriate, policies and guidelines should be developed for the deployment of these funds.

1. Appoint a Chief Learning Information Officer (CLIO) to lead university-wide efforts to enhance the learning community through technology.

2. Create an environment that stimulates the accelerated incorporation of information technology into the classroom

 3. Establish and support a standard for the desktop environment for all faculty and staff.

 4. Design and build a common data repository to assist administrators throughout the institution in making better informed decisions.

5. Establish a Web management team to recreate the UVM Web site.

6. Establish and sustain a technology-based Learning Gateway.