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This page covers a variety of vision pieces. Where possible, I have linked back to the original source so the reader can obtain the context of the quote.

Excerpts from a number of the Vision Statements developed during the Institutional Self-Study prepared for the November 1998 Acreditation:

From Vision Statement 1: UVM develops and utilizes technology to advance the university's research, educational and service missions. New technologies enhance the communication of faculty and students both within and outside the classroom, provide facilities necessary for research at the frontiers of knowledge, and enable students and faculty to communicate and collaborate with classrooms and researchers around the globe.

From Vision Statement 2: Technological advances not only engage students in communication with faculty and other students inside and outside the classroom, they also extend the classroom outside the physical confines of the university, connect students with the world of knowledge, and link faculty with the world of knowledge-producing research.

From Vision Statement 4 : Technology: Recognizing the ever increasing pace of technological advancement, the University seeks to utilize technology in the exchange of knowledge and to bring information of the world to the UVM campus and the State of Vermont.

From Vision Statement 6 : Technology: The university promotes the wise and ethical use of current and future technologies. It promotes balanced development and application of transformative and sustainable technologies, exchanging the knowledge of the academy with that of the global community. At the same time, the university community shows deep respect for history, cultural traditions, and the world's fragile natural and human communities.

From Vision Statement 8 : We strive to excel as a community of learners:

· where state of the art instructional and scholarly approaches are used for the creation, dissemination and application of world-relevant knowledge;

· where shared information leads to collaborative decision making;

Vision statement from the Doing IT at UVM report.

Administrative IT Vision Draft from Jon Crystal's ad hoc task force


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