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Department Programs

First Year Seminar Program

The Department offers incoming, first-year students the opportunity to take some of our introductory core courses in a small-group setting with particular emphasis on the development of writing skills. The instructor of the course also serves as the student's advisor. This program is part of the College-wide Teacher-Advisor Program (TAP). Precise arrangements vary from year to year.


The Department offers its students credit for internship experiences that have some relevance to government or the political process. Students have secured a variety of internships in local and state government, in Washington, D.C., and in a variety of non-profit organizations. For more detailed information, click here.

Departmental Honors Program

The Department offers a number of its best students the opportunity to participate in an honors program. The program's goal is to teach the honors student to think more creatively about political science, and culminates in a one-semester senior seminar.

Integrated Social Science Program

The Department participates in the College's Integrated Social Science Program (ISSP). The program is designed to present 30 first-year students with the opportunity to understand major social problems and efforts to solve them. Students work closely with faculty members from a variety of social science disciplines.

The Washington Semester Program at American University

The Washington Semester Program at American University is an option for most UVM Political Science majors or minors. Many UVM students have had very successful experiences there. Some sample programs that may be of interest to Political Science students are: American Politics, Contemporary Islam, Foreign Policy, International Law and Organizations, Justice, Peace and Conflict Resolution, and Public Law. Each program consists of two seminars, an internship, and either a research project or an elective course. A few of the programs even have three-week travel components built into the semester schedule.

As a Member School, the UVM designated Washington Semester representative on campus is Kathy Floyd, Academic and Student Services Advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office. Students may contact Ms. Floyd via email at for information and to be nominated for admission into the program.


All undergraduate majors in political science are assigned a faculty advisor from the Department. Students may, subsequently, request a change of advisor, if they so desire. For advising resources and FAQs, click here.

Pre-Law Advising

Pre-law advising is also available within the Department. Professors Lisa Homes, Alex Ewald and Ellen Andersen undetake these duties as well as teaching and conducting research in law-related areas. For more information, click here.

Independent Study with Faculty Members

The Department offers its students the opportunity for independent study, to work directly with faculty members and earn academic credit. Students can design their own courses in areas not covered by courses currently offered. Students also can work directly with faculty members on various research projects.

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