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UVM Named One of the Best Colleges for Political Science by AC Online

The University of Vermont and the Political Science Department have been recognized for excellence in Political Science education. (AC Online) recently identified the 20 political science programs in the United States with the highest return on investment (ROI). Students who graduate from these programs earn more over their lifetimes, on average, than political science graduates from other institutions, after subtracting tuition and fees. UVM ranked sixth overall. AC Online had this to say about political science at UVM :

"Undergraduate political science students get all the attention from faculty, as the department focuses exclusively on the bachelor's degree. The instructors in the department create unique and groundbreaking research, like one professor's book on how the Harry Potter series influenced the political ideals of the Millennial generation."

AC Online used the following criteria to pinpoint the nation's top Political Science programs:

  • Total weighted cost (provided by IPEDS)
  • 30-year Net ROI (provided by
  • 4-year degree-granting institution
  • Fully accredited institution
  • Must offer Political Science at the undergraduate level
  • Private, for-profit institutions excluded

Last modified June 19 2014 12:24 PM