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Research and Internship Opportunities

Academic Programs for Learning and Engagement (APLE)

The department has active research and internship programs that provide a variety of opportunities for undergraduate involvement. The particular options vary from year to year. Learn more about APLE.

Other Research Opportunities

Research opportunities that occur regularly include:
  • Vermont Legislatve Research Shop: This usually involves working with a group of undergraduate students which functions as a research shop for the Vermont State Legislature. Supervision is provided by Professor Anthony (Jack) Gierzynski, and is undertaken normally by students registered for Political Science 296, Vermont Legislative Research Shop. Students carry out research requested by members of the state house and senate. For further details check out the VLRS Web Site.
  • The College of Arts and Sciences: offers two excellent opportunities for undergraduates doing research to obtain support for their work. During each semester, students may apply for up to $500 of support for research supplies, data sets, research-related travel and so forth. The deadline for the fall round of applications is October 30. All the relevant information can be found at the following address: Follow the links: "For Prospective Students," "Research and Internships," "APLE Funding."
  • Summer Stipends: The College also offers two summer stipends for undergraduates who are working with faculty on research projects. These $3000 stipends have a March 1 deadline. Complete information is found at the same web location listed above.

These are excellent opportunities and students are encourage to apply. Please feel free to contact Patricia Corcoran at or 656-3344, with questions.

Other individual research opportunities arise from time to time. For further information contact individual faculty members of the department. Students can gain academic credit by registering for Political Science 197 or 198, Readings and Research or Political Science 297 or 298, Advanced Readings and Research.

Internship Opportunities

Political Science majors and minors have done internships involving a wide range of activities. Students have interned with:

  • Campaigns: a large number of students worked for the Dean for American presidential campaign, students have acted as campaign managers for state legislative candidates, worked as interns for statewide candidates in Vermont and for state and local party organizations.
  • Governments: students have done internships with the Vermont Congressional delegation (Senators Leahy and Jeffords and Representative Sanders), with members of Congress from their home states, with state elected officials (such as the governor of Vermont and the Attorney General's Office), and with local governments (such as the City of Burlington).
  • Media Organizations: students have interned with local TV stations, newspapers, and radio.
  • Law Internships: students intern with law firms or with the State's Attorney's Office, the Public Defenders Office, or Student Legal Services on a regular basis.
  • Interest Groups: students intern with interest groups, such as the Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG).
  • Students also do internships while away from UVM either by signing up for internship credit here or doing semesters in Washington, DC with programs at universities in the DC area (transferring the credit back to UVM).

It is the responsibility of the students to secure the internship. Once they have done so, they can seek credit for their work. To find out if you qualify and to get an application for internship credit, read about Internship Requirements.

The Department of Political Science at UVM will, from time to time, send out notices of internship opportunities to its majors and minors via the Political Science list serve and via a notice board in the department.

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