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The University of Vermont prohibits the unlawful possession, use, distribution or manufacture of illegal drugs and alcohol by University employees and students on University property, in any University-owned or leased facility or as part of any University employment or activity.

Through existing disciplinary procedures, The University of Vermont will impose disciplinary sanctions (see a full explanation of the University of Vermont's Judicial Sanctions)upon students and employees who unlawfully use, possess, sell or distribute drugs or unlawfully use or abuse alcohol on University property, in any University-owner or leased facility or as part of any University employment or activity. Depending upon the circumstances, these sanctions may range from a minimum of satisfactory participation in a rehabilitation program to a maximum of expulsion or termination of employment. Students, faculty and staff who violate this policy are also subject to referral to federal and /or state law enforcement officials for criminal prosecution.

Any student, faculty or staff member criminally convicted of conduct which violates this policy must inform the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs or Director of Personnel, respectively, in writing, of that conviction within five days following the conviction. Failure to make proper notification of a conviction shall be grounds for the imposition of sanctions, including but not limited to suspension, or termination of employment.


Serious health and personal risks are associated with the use of illegal drugs and alcohol. They may include temporary or permanent physical or mental impairment, and injury or death. Use and abuse of such substances may give rise to conduct which causes injury, death or damage to the user/abuser or to the person or property of others, resulting in criminal or civil prosecution and liability. Use and abuse of such substances may lead to unsafe and/or nonconsensual sex or unwanted pregnancy, and may cause defects, injury or death in unborn children. Consequences may also include temporary or permanent loss of educational or employment opportunities.

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