University of Vermont

Print & Mail Center

Sending metered mail

The Print & Mail Center Account Card may be used for all inter-department transactions at The Print & Mail Center.

For postage transactions:

1) Separate your outgoing mail into three categories:

    a. Letters within the United States

    b. Flats (envelopes greater than 6" x 11.50") within the United States

    c. International mail leaving the United States

(Depending on its size, your International mail may require customs documents)

2) Attach a card to each category of your outgoing metered mail

Attach one card to all bundles of outgoing mail to be metered using rubber bands or paper clips.

Use a card even if you only have one piece of mail.

3) We'll process your mail

The Mail Center weighs and applies postage to each piece of mail with a valid account card attached.

4) Re-use and Re-place

The Mail Center recycles the cards back into the campus mail system after use.

About metered mail records

Please be aware that there is no tracking that we can provide for outgoing USPS mail. Treat your PMC cards as you would treat currency. It is your department's responsibility to secure the cards properly and make sure that the correct cards are used for each transaction. If your department wants to keep track of outgoing USPS mail, please start an internal log. We cannot provide you with detailed information on the nature or reason for your mail as this is not something the USPS software systems keep track of.

Last modified March 08 2016 01:37 PM