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Recent and In Press Publications

Beckage, B., L. Gross, and W. Platt. In press. Grass feedbacks on fire stabilize savannas. Ecological Modelling.

Hill Bermingham, L. and A. K. Brody. In press. Pollen source affects female reproductive success and early offspring traits in the rare endemic plant Polemonium vanbruntiae (Polemoniaceae). Plant Species Biology.

Koenemann, D. M., J. A. Maisonpierre, and D. S. Barrington. In press. Broad-scale integrity and local divergence in the fiddlehead fern Matteuccia. American Fern Journal.

Pucko, C., B. Beckage, T. Perkins, and W. Keeton. In press. Species shifts in response to climate change: Individual or shared responses? Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society.

Calsbeek, B., S. Lavergne, M. Patel and J. Molofsky. 2011. Comparing the genetic architecture and potential response to selection of native and invasive populations of reed canarygrass. Evolutionary Applications.

Collins, A. R. and J. Molofsky. 2011. From species coexistence to genotype coexistence: What can we learn from invasive plants?. Edited volume (J. Shibu: Editor), Biological Invasions.

van den Berg A. K., T. Perkins, M. L. Isselhardt, M. A. Godshall, and S. W. Lloyd. 2011. Effects of producing maple syrup from concentrated and reconstituted sap of different sugar concentrations. Int. Sugar J. 113: 35-44.

Brodersen, C. R. and T. C. Vogelmann. 2010. Do changes in light direction affect absorption profiles in leaves? Functional Plant Biology 37:403–412.

Collins, A. R., E. Harte and J. Molofsky. 2010. Empirical estimates of frequency dependence in natural populations. Oecologia.

Eppinga, M., M. A. Kaproth, A. R. Collins and J. Molofsky. 2010. Litter feedbacks, evolutionary change and exotic plant invasion. Journal of Ecology.

Gorton, H. L., C. R. Brodersen, W. E. Williams, and T. C. Vogelmann. 2010. Measurement of the optical properties of leaves under diffuse light. Photochemistry and Photobiology 86: 1076–1083.

Harris, J. M.* and R. Dickstein*. 2010. Review: Control of root architecture and nodulation by the LATD/NIP transporter. *Joint corresponding authors. Plant Signaling and Behavior, 5(11): 1386 – 1390.

Hill Bermingham, L. 2010. Deer herbivory and habitat type influence long-term population dynamics of a rare wetland plant. Plant Ecology, 210: 359 - 378.

Lavergne, S., N. Muenke, and J. Molofsky. 2010. Genome size reduction triggers rapid phenotypic evolution in an invasive grass. Annals of Botany.

Slocum, M. G., B. Beckage, W. J. Platt, S. L. Orzell, and W. Taylor. 2010. Effect of climate on wildfire size: A cross-scale analysis. Ecosystems 13: 828-840.

Slocum, M. G., W. J. Platt, B. Beckage, S. L. Orzell, and W. Taylor. 2010. Accurate quantification of seasonal rainfall and associated climate-wildfire relationships. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 49: 2559-2573.

Stevens, J., and B. Beckage. 2010. Fire effects on demography of the invasive shrub Brazilian pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius) in Florida pine savannas. Natural Areas Journal 30: 53-63.

Tang, G., and B. Beckage. 2010. Projecting the distribution of forests in New England in response to climate change. Diversity and Distributions 16: 144-158.

Tang, G., B. Beckage, B. Smith, and P. Miller. 2010. Estimating potential forest NPP, biomass and their climatic sensitivity in New England using a dynamic ecosystem model. Ecosphere 1(6): 1-20 (Article 18).

Yendrek, C.†, Y. Lee†, V. Morris†, Y. Liang, C. I. Pislariu, G. Burkhart, M. H. Meckfessel, M. Salehin, H. Kessler, H. Wessler, M. Lloyd, H. Lutton, A. Teillet, D. J. Sherrier, E. Journet, J. M. Harris* and R. Dickstein*. 2010. A putative transporter is essential for integrating nutrient and hormone signaling with lateral root growth and nodule development in Medicago truncatula. †Co-first authors *Joint corresponding authors. The Plant Journal, 62(1): 100-112. (Cover photo of journal accompanies article.)

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