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Graduate Program

Student Snapshot

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UVM Plant Biology graduate student Stacy Jorgensen

Stacy Jorgensen is a Master's student working in the Barrington lab on hybridization, polyploidy, and speciation. A general enthusiasm for using molecular tools to answer questions about plants led Stacy to Dr. Barrington's lab, where they use an array of genetic tools to explore hybrid origins and evolutionary histories in the fern genus Polystichum.

Thesis-Based Plant Biology Program

The Plant Biology Department offers a thesis-based graduate program that is centered on basic scientific research in various aspects of Plant Biology, including genetics, molecular and cell biology, plant physiology, systematics, evolution, ecology, and so on. Please click here for a list Plant Biology laboratory groups organized by their areas of research. Most students in the thesis-based Plant Biology graduate program earn a Ph.D. although M.S. candidates are sometimes also accepted.

Project-Based Field Naturalist Program

In addition to our thesis-based graduate program, the Plant Biology Department also houses the project-based Field Naturalist Master's Program, which is a unique field-based program that develops the potential of tomorrow's conservation leaders by emphasizing scientific integration, oral and written communication, and environmental problem-solving.

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