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Graduate Program

Student Snapshot

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Monique McHenry in the Bolivian Andes

Monique McHenry is a Ph.D. student in the Barrington lab. The focus of Monique's work is a monophyletic clade within the genus Polystichum that is rich in endemic species from the northern and central Andes. She's using a traditional systematic approach integrating fieldwork, morphological and molecular data, and phylogenetic analyses to unravel the evolutionary history of Polystichum in the Andes.

Thesis-Based Plant Biology Program

The Plant Biology Department offers a research-oriented thesis-based program toward a M.S. or a Ph.D. in Plant Biology that provides training in basic scientific research in diverse aspects of plant biology. These include developmental genetics, molecular regulation of gene expression, cell biology, plant-microbe interactions, ecological genomics, systematics and biogeography, and ecology of plant population and community dynamics. Please click here for a list Plant Biology laboratory groups organized by their areas of research. Most graduate students in the Plant Biology graduate program earn a Ph.D. though exceptional candidates seeking a M.S. are also accepted.

Project-Based Field Naturalist Program

The Department is also home to the project-based Field Naturalist M.S. program. This is a unique field-based program that develops the potential of tomorrow's conservation leaders by emphasizing scientific integration, oral and written communication, and environmental problem solving.

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