Freshwater mussels live in different kinds of sediment or soil at the bottom of streams, rivers, and lakes. Some freshwater mussels live in clay or muddy soils, other freshwater mussels live in sand, gravel (rocks the size of marbles), or cobble (rocks the size of baseballs).

This is a picture of a small stream where you might find the shinyrayed pocketbook freshwater mussel living in sand or gravel.


This is a picture of a river where you might find the rabbitsfoot freshwater mussel living in sand, gravel, or cobble.


This is a lake where you might find a paper pondshell freshwater mussel living in mud or sand.


This is what a group of freshwater mussels (or freshwater mussel bed) look like at the bottom of a stream. They look like rocks in the sand, don't they?





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