Dr. Leonard P. Perry
Extension Professor

Sites: H=Horticulture Research Center [view, 74K], So. Burlington; U=UVM greenhouses [view, 47K], Burlington; M=Winterberry Perennials [front view, 65K] [back view, 60K], Milton.

Monarda (Beebalm) cultivar powdery mildew studies (H):
About 15 new cultivars of beebalm will be established for evaluation for genetic resistance to powdery mildew in a randomized complete block design.

[Slide Show on past studies of powdery mildew on phlox and monarda.]

Ornamental grass hardiness (H,M):
At 2 sites in the Champlain Valley (USDA zones 4a and 4b), 75 cultivars of ornamental grasses will be evaluated for winter hardiness, as well as other landscape features. Many are recent introductions to the U.S. from Germany including new ones this year. Results will be included with those from an extensive collaborative national effort.

Controlled Freezing, Hardiness, Nitrogen Effects on Hardiness (U):
Several dozen perennials over several years are being frozen in controlled chest freezers to determine root killing temperatures; effects of cold intensity, duration, cycling, and rate of drop. These will include perennial geraniums this year.

New cultivar performance and hardiness trials (H,M):
Over 1200 cultivars are being evaluated, with new additions yearly, for performance, flower time and color, hardiness, pest problems, and potential for future studies or use in the region. Emphasis this year will be on phlox, monarda including new Dutch cultivars, asters including ones from the national collection in the UK, and Tiarella. This year we will also become an official test site for new Blooms America introductions.

Perennial Geranium trials and production (H,M):
Over 4 dozen cultivars of perennial geraniums, as part of a M.S. thesis project of Jerry Meyer, are being evaluated for performance in this climate; field and container production aspects, and hardiness, will be evaluated also.

Shrub rose evaluation (H,M):
Over 4 dozen cultivars of shrub roses, emphasizing new series such as the Parkland, Meidiland, Explorer and David Austin ones, will be evaluated among these sites and in cooperation with the University of Maine (Dr. Lois Stack) for hardiness, performance and disease resistance. Additional cultivars will be added this coming year.


Appreciation is expressed to Jerry Meyer and Friends of the Hort Farm for assistance; and for support to the Vermont Assn. of Professional Horticulturists; New England Grows; New England Greenhouse Conference; Perennial Plant Association; Greenleaf, Sunny Border, North Creek and Dunvegan nurseries; UVM Extension System; VT Agr. Experiment Station; and Friends of the Garden.


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