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Watch here for periodically updated perennial publication profiles, new ones on this page, and those for the commercial industry listed separatedly. These are merely some of my most useful references, are listed for information and reference purposes only, and are not meant to discriminate against any not mentioned. You may search for titles in 3 waysby author,  by title, or by topics below in the box. Many online sources are available for such books, in addition of course to checking your local bookstore or garden center.  Some reviews have been prepared by students in my courses and are noted with their initials.
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Abbott, Marilyn
Abraham, Doc and Katy
Armitage, Allan (perennials)
Armitage, Allan (cdrom)
Armitage, Allan (annuals)
Armitage, Allan (perennial photos)
Armitage, Allan (annual photos)
Armitage, Allan (native plants)
Ashley, Peter and Anne
Aust, Tracy DiSabato (perennials)
Aust, Tracy DiSabato (mixed garden)
Austin, Claire
Austin, Sandra
Barron, Pattie
Barton, Susan and others
Bell, Michael
Blanchette, Rick
Brickell and Zuk
Brix, Michael
Brookes, John
Brown, Kathy
Bryan, John
Buhler, Karl-Dietrich
Bush-Brown, Louise and James
Calhoun, Scott
Craigmyle, Marshall
Dole, John and Harold Wilkins
Dooley, Susan
Dykes, William R
Clausen and Ekstrom
Clebsch, Betsy
Cohen, Stephanie
Coles, Charles
Cox, Jeff
Craigmyle, Marshall
Cullina, William(propagation)
Cullina, William(native woody plants)
Damrosch, Barbara
Darke, Rick (grasses)
Darke, Rick(arts and crafts gardens)
Dooley, Susan
Druse, Ken (propagation)
Druse, Ken (natural habitat garden)
Druse, Ken (collectors garden)
Duthie, Pam
Dykes, William R
Eddison, Sydney
Els, David
Erhardt, Anne and Walter
Erhardt, Walter
Evelegh, Tessa
Foster, Gordon
Gerritsen and Oudolf
Gill, S., Clement and Dutkey
Glattstein, Judy
Greenfell, Diane
Greenwood, Pippa
Grey-Wilson, Christopher
Griffiths, Mark
Halda, Josef
Hansen and Stahl
Harding, Alice
Harper, Pamela
Heger, M and Whitman
Heins, R., A. Cameron and W. Carlson
Hemenway, Toby
Hemsley, Alan
Henderson, Carrol
Heriteau, Jacqueline
Hill, Lewis and Nancy (Perennial Gardening)
Hill, Lewis and Nancy(Gardener's Bible)
Hill, May Brawley
Hinkley, Daniel
Hobbs, Thomas
Hobhouse, Penelope
Hogan, Sean
Holmes, Caroline
Holmes, Roger and R Buchanan
Hoshizaki, Barbara Joe and R Moran
Huxley, Anthony
Isaacson, Richard
Iversen, Richard
Jelitto and Schacht
King, Peter
King and Oudolf
Kingsbury, Noel
LaLiberte and Watson
Lampe and McCann
Lavalle, Christine and M
Lawson, Andrew
Lawton, Barbara
Lewis and Lynch
Lima, Patrick
Lloyd, Christopher
Loewer, Peter
Lord, Tony
Lovejoy, Ann
MacKinnon, Nancy
Macunovich, Janet
Marinelli, Janet
Martin, Byron and Laura
Martin, Deborah
Mathis, William
McGary, Jane
McHoy, Peter
McNaughton, Virginia
McVikar, Jekka
Moreland, John
Moran, Robbin
Musgrave, Toby et al.
Nau, Jim
Newcomb, Lawrence
Nichols, Clive
Olkowski, Daar and Olkowski
Otis, Denise
Oudolf and Gerritsen
Pearlman, Barbara

Pellett, Norman
Perry, Leonard
Phillips and Rix(perennials)
Phillips and Rix (Botanical Garden)
Phillips and Rix (bulbs)
Phillips, Ellen
Picton, Paul
Platt, Karen (gold plants)
Platt, Karen (black plants)
Pope, Nori and Sandra
Pundt,L and T Smith
Recht and Wetterwald
Rice and Strangman
Richards, John
Rickard, Martin
Rogers, Allan
Roth, Sally
Roth, Susan
Rowlands, Gareth
Russell, Vivian
Schenk, George
Shafer, Karleen
Snodsmith, Ralph
Spedding, Colin
Springer, Lauren and R Proctor
Squire, David
Stephenson, Ray
Stevens, Alan
Still, Steven
Streep, Peg
Stuart, David
Sutton, John
Swanson, Faith and Virginia Rady
Tankard and Wood
Tatro, Marcia
Thomas, Graham Stuart (Perennial Garden Plants)
Thomas, Graham Stuart (Treasured Perennials)
Thomas, Graham Stuart (Cuttings from...)
Thomas, Graham Stuart(Three gardens)
Too, Lillian
Toomey, Mary and E Leeds
Turner, Roger
Turner, Nancy and A. Szczawinski
Valder, Peter
Vickery, Patrick
Weishan, Michael
Williams, Sara
Wyk and Wink
Yamamori, RL and G Taaffe
Yeo, Peter


Search by Title
1001 Ingenious Gardening Ideas
AAN Standards for Nursery Stock
Alan Armitage's Photo Library of Herbaceous Plants on CD Rom
AMA Handbook of Poisonous and Injurious Plants
American (The) Horticulture Society Flower Finder
Americas Garden Book
Anderson Horticultural Library Source List
Armitages Garden Perennials, a Color Encyclopedia
Armitages Garden Annuals, a Color Encyclopedia
Armitage's Manual of Annuals, Biennials, and Half-hardy Perennials
Armitage's Native Plants for American Gardens
A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants
Ball Perennial Manual--Propagation to Production
Best Borders
Better Homes and Gardens New Complete Guide to Gardening
Black Magic and Purple Passion
Botanical (The) Garden, vol II, Perennials and Annuals
Brooklyn Botanic Garden Handbooks
Bulbs for All Seasons
Bulbs of North America
Campanulas, A Gardeners Guide
Caring for Perennials
Chelsea Gold
Christopher Lloyd's Garden Flowers
Clematis, the Genus
Collector's (The) Garden
Color by Design
Color Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses, The
Color in Garden Design
Common Poisonous Plants and Mushrooms of North America
Complete Book of Practical Gardening
Complete (The) Garden Flower Book
Continuous Bloom
Create a Mediterranean Garden

Cuttings from My Garden Notebooks

Decorating Your Garden 

Designer Plant Combinations

Dictionary of Gardening, The New RHS

Dictionary of Horticulture

Dream Plants for the Natural Garden
Establishing and Operating a Garden Center
Evening (The)  Garden
Euphorbias, A Gardeners Guide
Exotic Garden, The
Explorer's Garden, The
Feng Shui for Gardens
Fern Grower's Manual
Ferns to Know and Grow
Field Grown Cut Flowers
Firing Up Perennials
Flora, a Gardener's Encyclopedia
Floriculture: Principles and Species
Flower Gardener's Bible, The
Further Along the Garden Path
Gaia's Garden
Garden Plants of Japan
Gardener's (The) book of Charts, Tables, Lists
Gardener's (The) book of Color
Gardener's Desk Reference
Gardener's Fitness, Weeding out the Aches and Pains
Gardener's Guide to Common Sense Pest Control
Gardener's Guide to Growing Salvias, The
Gardener's Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboos, The
Gardener's Guide to Growing Dahlias, The
Gardener's Guide to Growing Hardy Perennial Orchids, The
Gardener's Guide to Growing Hostas, The
Gardener's Guide to Growing Hellebores, The
Gardener's Guide to Growing Asters, The

Gardener's Quiz book
Gardening with Grass
Gardening with Light and Color
Gardens and Deer
Gardens in China
Genus Iris, The
Genus (the) Paeonia
Gertrude Jekyll at Munstead Wood
Gold Fever
Good Gardens Guide, The
Graham Stuart Thomas' Three Gardens
Grandmother's Garden
Green (The) Thumb Garden Handbook
Grounds for Pleasure
Grower Talks on Perennials
Growing Perennials in Cold Climates
Guide to Growing and Propagating Wildflowers
Hardy Geraniums
Hardy Herbaceous Perennials
Harrowsmith (The) Perennial Garden
Herb Garden Designs
Herbaceous Perennial Plants
Herbaceous Perennials Production; A Guide from Propagation to Marketing
Home Landscaping--Northeast Region, Southeast Canada
Icons of Garden Design
Illustrated (An) Encyclopedia of Clematis
Illustrated (The) Encyclopedia of Perennials
In Harmony with Nature, Lessons from the Arts and Crafts Garden
In Pursuit of Perennial Profit
Index of Garden Plants
Integrated Pest Management for Perennials
Iris, the Classic Bearded Varieties
John Brookes Garden Masterclass
Landscaping for Wildlife
Lavender, the Growers Guide
Making More Plants
Manual of Herbaceous Ornamental Plants
Medicinal Plants of the World
Monet's Waterlilies
Moss Gardening
Native Trees, Shrubs, and Vines
Natural Gardening in Small Spaces
Natural (The) Habitat Garden
Natural (A) History of Ferns
Natural (The) History of the Garden
New Book of Herbs
New (The) Traditional Garden
Newcomb's Wildflower Guide
Organic (The) Garden
PPP Index, The European Plant Finder
Passionate Gardening
Passport to Gardening
Peony, The
Perennial All-Stars...
Perennial (The) Gardener's Design Primer
Perennials and their Growing Habits
Perennials for American Gardens
Perennials for Dummies
Perennials for the Prairies
Perennial Garden Plants 
Perennial Reference Guide
Pests and Diseases

Pests and Diseases of Herbaceous Perennials...
Photographing Plants and Gardens
Plant Hunters (The)
Planting the Natural Garden
Plants (The) that Shaped Our Gardens
Plantfinders Guide to Garden Ferns, The
Random (The) House Book of Bulbs
RHS Plant Finder
Rodales Illustrated Encyclopedia of Perennials
Salvias, A Book of
Scandinavian Garden, The
Scented Plants, Cassells Directory of
Sedum--Cultivated Stonecrops
Self-Taught Gardener (The)
Shocking Beauty
Source List of Canadian Plants
Spectacular Container Plants
Spiritual Gardening
Story of Gardening, The
Successful Perennial Gardening
Sunset National Gardening Book
Taylors Guide to Perennials
The Baroque Landscape
The Well-Tended Perennial Garden
Theme Gardens
Time-tested Plants
Treasured Perennials
Tri-state Gardeners Guide
Tropical Garden Style with Hardy Plants
Weeds, Friend or Foe?
Well (The) Designed Mixed Garden
World of Garden Design, The

NEW (at least relatively, or new to this list, last additions 3/06)

Armitage's Native Plants for American Gardens  (more in-depth review)
Allan Armitage.  2006.  Timber Press.  hardcover, 451 pp.
This instructor, research, and popular author and lecturer as added to his excellent references on annuals and perennials with this one on native herbaceous plants.  It is mainly an A-Z listing of 160 genera, covering 630 species and cultivars of native annuals, biennials, and perennials.  Written for the whole country, plants are grouped from A-Z by genera and not grouped by region as in many such references.  Also unlike other such references, cultivars are included as well as species, for over 630 total.  For each genus you'll find a short description, key cultivars, habitat (soils and geographic range), hardiness, garden site (sun, soil type), and garden maintenance. In addition, at the end are several useful lists for various uses, and for resources and sources. In addition for some genera, propagation details are given as well as some interesting origins of the plant and its name (etymology).

Some Online Sources
The following are provided for information purposes only, and are not meant to discriminate against those not mentioned. Dedicated purveyors of a wide selection of garden books are listed, not individual publishers unless garden oriented. Please advise of any omissions or corrections. Of course always also check your local bookstores and garden centers as well. one of the largest and best known bookstores on the web
Barnes and Noble online searching, ordering, nationwide chain
Ball Bookshelf resources, books for the industry
Book Pages online ordering from the UK

Borders nationwide chain, online searching and ordering, teamed with Amazon
Hamilton Book a large selection including gardening
Indigo/Chapters online and local stores
Timber PressHort. Book Publisher, catalog
Waterstones searchable, large British chain, teamed with Amazon

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