University of Vermont Extension System
Department of Plant and Soil Science

Dr. Leonard P. Perry, Extension Associate Professor

Perennials and Places

How well do you know your perennials and geography?

1. The state flower of Vermont is the...
a. Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta)-- go to
b. Red Clover (Trifolium pratense)-- go to 7
c. Goldenrod (Solidago species)-- go to 23

2. The Black-eyed Susan is the state flower of Maryland. Back to 1.

3. The White Garden or Madonna Lily (Lilium candidum) is the flower of which Canadian province?
a. Ontario-- go to
b. Nova Scotia-- go to 6
c. Quebec-- go to 12

4. The White Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum) is the provincial flower of Ontario. Back to 3.

5. Modern garden dahlia hybrids are believed to mainly come from three species from:
a. Europe-- go to
b. Mexico-- go to 16
c. South Africa-- go to 14

6. The Mayflower or Trailing Arbutus (Epigaea repens) is the provincial flower of Nova Scotia. Back to 3.

7. Yes, Red Clover is the state flower of Vermont. In case you didn't try it already, Goldenrod is the state flower of Kentucky and Nebraska. On to 3.

8. Dahlias were introduced to Europe from elsewhere in the early 1800's. Back to 5.

9. The Russell hybrid Lupines were originally bred and selected in:
a. Cambridge, England-- go to
b. Maine, USA-- go to 15
c. Yorkshire, England-- go to 20

10. Nice try, as many plants and seeds have been produced around Cambridge, England, but not the Russell lupines. Maybe 15?

11. Which is both a U.S. state and Canadian provincial flower?
a. Lady Slipper-- go to
b. Forget-me-not-- go to 18
c. Indian Paintbrush-- go to 17

12. The Madonna Lily or Annunciation Lily is the provincial flower of Quebec. For a province with much French influence, it seems appropriate that the bulbs of this lily mainly come from France. On to 5.

13. Nepal is landlocked between India and China, so not much hope for a navy expedition there to find Rodgersia. Back to 19.

14. Dahlias are not from South Africa. Tried 16 yet?

15. Russell lupines might be thought to be from Maine, with the many lupines which self-seed along the coast, but they're not. Last choice-- try 20.

16. Modern dahlia hybrids are believed to derive from three Mexican species-- D. pinnata, the Aztec dahlia with double purple flowers; D. coccinea, the fire dahlia with single red flowers; and D. rosea, the old garden dahlia with single pink dahlias. Very good! Now on to 9.

17. Indian Paintbrush is the state flower of Wyoming. Choices left-- 18 and 21.

18. Forget-me-not is the state flower of Alaska. Choices left--17 and 21.

19. Rodgersia, a perennial hardy to USDA zones 5-7, was named after an American navy commander in charge of the expedition on which it was discovered. Where was this?
a. Panama-- go to
b. China, Japan-- go to 24
c. Nepal-- go to 13

20. Russell lupines hail from Yorkshire, England and a hobby gardener by the name of George Russell, who in 1911 began selecting and breeding them from L. polyphyllus, L. arborescens, L. mutabilis from South America and L. nanus from California. On to 11.

21. Lady Slipper is the state flower of Minnesota and provincial flower of Prince Edward Island. Do you know which states have chosen Forget-me-not (go to 18) or Indian Paintbrush (go to 17)? On now to 19.

22. Panama is pretty warm and definately not in zones 5-7, so not much hope for Rodgersia there. Back to 19.

23. The Goldenrod is the state flower of Kentucky and Nebraska. Back to 1.

24. Admiral John Rogers (1812-1882) led the expedition to China and Japan on which Rodgersia was discovered.

I hope you enjoyed this global pursuit of perennials. Back now to The Perennial Arcade for more games or to Perry's Perennial Pages for more good info.