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... and your tax deductible contribution will be used to support Vermont's All America Selections Flower Display Garden at the Burlington Waterfront Park where it is seen by upwards of a quarter million visitors a year; other perennials research and demonstrations at the Horticulture Research Center in South Burlington and the UVM greenhouse; and the dissemination of the practical results through this web site and means listed below. In addition, YOU will receive as a:


FRIEND ($15/year)




LIFE FRIEND ($100 once)


Ongoing for over 10 years now, with over 100 members each year, this program is THE way for you to keep up on the latest research and publications relating to floriculture at the university and in Vermont, to receive valuable member benefits, and by so doing to help our floriculture work here to continue.


To enroll now, simply print the coupon below, fill out and mail with your payment. Thanks for your consideration!


YES, enroll me as a FRIEND ($15)___, SUSTAINING FRIEND ($25)___, or

LIFE FRIEND ($100)___ of the Garden.




Checks may be made payable to: University of Vermont, and sent to: Dr. Leonard Perry,

Dept. Plant and Soil Science, Hills Bldg--UVM, Burlington, VT 05405.


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