New England Greenhouse Conference

Grant Awards Program

A portion of the proceeds generated from this 3-day conference is used to support research and education efforts. Each year, the committee reviews proposals for their research and educational merit, in support of New England's floriculture industry.  Since this program was begun in 1987, over $295,000 has been awarded (see yearly details below).

The Grant Awards Program is managed by a committee (non-voting coordinator, Leonard Perry , Univ. Vermont) responsible for supporting and encouraging education and research determined to be a high priority to the New England greenhouse industry. The committee conducts an annual awards competition, and recommends policy on this competition to the NEF board of Directors.

Grants are solicited in September each year, due in December, and awarded in February.
Click here for 2008-09 Proposal form (Adobe Acrobat pdf format)

2008-2009 New England Floriculture Grant Awards
Burnett, Stephanie., Neil Mattson, Brian Krug.  Sustainable Greenhouse Website Development.  ME,NY,NH $2,400
Cox, Doug.  Organic Growing Media and FErtilizer for Annual Plants.  MA $2,636
Krug, Brian.  Using Controlled Released Fertilizers in Greenhouse Crops.  NH $5,000
Smith, Tina, Leanne Pundt, Paul Lopes.  Web-based Photo Library for Northeast Greenhouse Pests.  MA, CT $5,000

2007-2008 New England Floriculture Grant Awards
Bridgen, Mark.  Season extension technology for the production of field-grown herbaceous perennials as cut flowers.  NY $3,000
Longfellow, Scott.  Implementation of guardian plant system to control spider mites in a retail garden center setting.  ME $1,742
Mattson, Neil.  Fertilizer and EC guidelines for vegetative annuals grown via overhead or subirrigation.  NY $3,870
Perry, Leonard.  Midwinter de-acclimation of herbaceous perennials.  VT $3,480
Stack, Lois Berg.  Field tirals of coleus cultivars to evaluate sunscald, branching, form, and flowering..  ME $3,335

2006-2007 New England Floriculture Grant Awards

(final or progress reports, pdf file)
Cox, Douglas and Paul Lopes. Evaluation of cranberry pomace and other available composts as growth  media for floriculture crops. MA $5000.
Groden, Eleanor and Lois Stack. Biological control of the lily leaf beetle in Maine. ME $1900
Hagen, Margaret. Greenhouse production basics. NH $750
Neal, Cathy. Evaluation of Eustoma grandiflorum production and market potential in New Hampshire. NH $2500.
Perry, Leonard. Hardiness of Stepables. VT $3900.
Puglisi, Sadie. Pricing survey of fall garden mums in New Hampshire. $600.

2005-2006 New England Floriculture Grant Awards
N. Adams.  National Speaker for New Hampshire's Ornamental Horticultural Industry.  NH $2,000
D. Cox.  Response of Annuals to Water Containing Elevated Levels of Sodium and Chloride.  MA $3,012
G. Elliott.  Soil Moisture Sensors for Advanced Irrigation Management.  CT $2,031
E. Groden and L. Stack.  Biological Control of the Lily Leaf Beetle in Maine.  ME $3,800
B. Maynard.  Irrigation Technology for the URI Greenhouse Education/Extension Facilities.  RI $3,000
R. Wick and S. Slinski.  Sanitizing Capabilities of Hydrogen Peroxide, Chlorine Dioxide and formulated Hydrogen Peroxide (Zerotol).  MA $2,000

2004-2005 New England Floriculture Grant Awards
M. Brownbridge, et al.  Improving Thrips Control Through Better Monitoring and Timing of Pesticide Applications.
 VT $4300
L. Perry.  Effects of cycling temperatures on herbaceous perennial hardiness.  VT $2800
L. Pundt.  Pest Management for Herb Bedding Plants Grown in the Greenhouse.  CT $900
L. Tewksbury and R. Casagrande.  Lily leaf beetle resistance among lily hybrids.  RI $4000
D. Zhang and L. Stack.  Production of high-quality, powdery mildew-free herbaceous plants. ME $3000

2003-2004 New England Floriculture Grant Awards
M Browbridge, et al.  Cultural Practices and Virus Testing to Reduce Pesticide Use on Thrips, year 3.  VT. $3000
G. Elliott.  Persistence, proliferation and root colonization by microbial inoculants in soilless potting mixes.  CT. $2700
P. Fisher et al.  Grouping bedding plants based on pH and micronutrient requirements.  NH. $2825
L. Perry. Fertility and Moisture Effects on Perennial Hardiness.  VT. $4000
L. Stack.  Directory of Maine Cut Flower Growers. ME. $1475
R Van Driesche.  Aphid biological control in spring flower crops.  MA. $4500

2002-2003 New England Floriculture Grant Awards
M Brownbridge.  Cultural practices and virus testing to reduce pesticide use on thrips, year 2. VT. $2,000
D. Cox. Seed Geranium treatments with Bonzi.  MA. $3,000
G. Elliott. Effectiveness of microbial soilless media. CT. $2,500
L Perry. Overwintering Herbaceous Perennials. VT. $4,000
R. Van Driesche. New Western Flower Thrips controls for bedding plant growers  MA. $3,500

2001-2002 New England Floriculture Grant Awards

Brownbridge, Michael and S. Costa, M. Skinner, B. Parker, T. Doubleday.  Cultural Practices and Virus Testing to Reduce Pesticide Use on Thrips.  $2,000

Chapman, David and James Brackett.  Long Wind Farm, E. Thetford, VT.  An Investigation of the Role of Technology in the Energy Efficiency of Greenhouse Growing.  $2,000

Han, Susan.  University of Massachusetts.  Management of Leaf Yellowing in Seed and Zonal Geraniums.  $2000

Perry, L.  University of Vermont.  Powdery Mildew Resistance Among Garden Phlox Cultivars. $2000

Pundt, Leanne.  University of Connecticut.  Integrated Pest Management Fact Sheet Series--Herbaceous Perennials.  $2,000

Smith, Tina and Paul Lopes.  University of Massachusetts.  Greenhouse Open House Days.  $1,200

2000-2001 New England Floriculture Grant Awards

Dr. Richard McAvoy, Dr. Lois Stack, Dr. Leonard Perry, Dr. Cathy Neal, Dr. Richard Shaw.  Universities of connecticut, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, respectively.  Developing a New England Regional Journal for Profitable Horticulture.    $2000

Rosanna Freyre, University of New Hampshire, Development of Production Schedules for Pimpernel (Anagallis monellii) as a potted plant.    $2000

Donglin Zhang and Dr. Lois Stack.  Unversity of Maine.  Post-harvest fertility management of Scaevola 'Outback Purple Fan' hanging baskets.    $2000

Dr. Mark Bridgen and Cyndi Wyskiewicz.  University of Connecticut.  Genotypic and environmental effects on cut flower production of Liatris.    $2000

Dr. Robert Wick.  University of Massachusetts.  Evaluation of Pythium resistance to mefenoxam.    $2000

Dr. Susan Han.  University of Massachusetts.  Use of ethylBloc for prevention of wilt-induced premature bud drop in impatiens.    $2000

Dr. Leonard Perry.  University of Vermont.  Hardiness of heather cultivars and newly-planted liners.  $1800

Tina Smith.  University of Massachusetts.  Use of digital camera for plant disease diagnostics, grower presentations and floriculture IPM web site by extension floriculture personnel.    $1000

1999-2000 New England Floriculture Grant Awards

This list represents $15,000 worth of grants. Congratulations! Listing in alphabetical order by state awarded.


Author(s) Title Award
Rich McAvoy, Bernard Bible (U-Conn) The affect of calcium and aluminum nutrition on bract necrosis and botrytis of poinsettia $1825.00
Ana Legrand, Leanne Pundt (U-Conn) Evaluation of a physical insecticide against western flower thrips $2000.00
Mark Bridgen (U-Conn) Effect of harvesting technique and genotype on cut flower production of Alstroemeria. Year #2 $2000.00
Ana Legrand (U-Conn) Evaluation of host plant resistance against western flower thrips $1995.00
Tina Smith, Paul Lopes, Doug Cox (U-Mass) Developing a greenhouse IPM web site $1772.52
Susan Han (U-Mass) Role of sugars, ethylene, and growth regulators on the development of postharvest leaf yellowing in cut oriental and Asiatic lilies $1800.00
Cheryl Smith (UNH) RGB color video camera for digital imaging diagnostics $2000.00
Leonard Perry (UVM) Consumer education gardening videos for garden centers $1607.48

1998-99 New England Floriculture Grant Awards

This list represents $15,000 worth of grants. Congratulations!

Dr. Douglas Cox, Univ. Massachusetts.
Manganese toxicity to marigold and how it is affected by calcium and magnesium nutrition. $2,000

Dr. George Elliot and Dr. Wade Elmer, Univ. Connecticut and Ct Agr. Expmt. Station.
Evaluation of biological fungicides for control of soilborne pathogens in greenhouse crop production. $2,000

Ms. Donna Ellis, Univ. Connecticut.
Evaluation of Serangium parcesetosum as a potential predator of silverleaf whitefly, Bemisia argentifolii, in greenhouse poinsettia. $2,000

Dr. Richard McAvoy, Univ. Connecticut.
A molecular genetic approach to improving Easter lily. $2,000

Dr. Leonard Perry. Univ. of Vermont.
Comparative resistance of New England Aster cultivars to rust fungi. $1,900

Dr. Lois Berg Stack, Univ. Maine Cooperative Extension.
Use of red plastic mulch to increase stem length of field-grown specialty cut flowers. $1,096

Dr. Roy Van Driesche, Univ. Massachusetts.
Fact sheet on the biological control and IPM tactics for suppression of western flower thrips in greenhouse floral crops. $2,000

Dr. Robert Wick, Univ. Massachusetts.
Evaluation of disease-suppressive growing media and biological control agents for floriculture production. $2,000

1997 New England Floriculture Grant Awards

This list represents $15,386 worth of grants. Congratulations!

Ms. Nancy Adams. University of New Hampshire. Digital camera for EXTENSION'S EDUCATIONAL materials. $1,348

Dr. Carol Auer & Mr. Eric Mercure. University of Connecticut. THE EFFECTS OF TEMPERATURE, gibberellins, cytokinins, and seed coat removal on Helleborus seed germination. $2,000

Dr. Douglas Cox. University of Massachusetts. Phosphorus fertilization EFFECTS ON POINSETTIA GROWTH AND PHOSPHORUS LEACHING. $2,000

Dr. George Elliott & Dr. Wade Elmer. University of Connecticut and the CT AGRICULTURAL Experiment Station. Evaluation of biological fungicides FOR THE CONTROL OF SOIL BORNE PATHOGENS. $1,800

Dr. Paul Fisher. University of New Hampshire. Fertilizer injection SYSTEM TO ENABLE EASTER LILY research on predicting harvest dates. $1,768

Dr. Susan Han. University of Massachusetts. Use of commercially- AVAILABLE GROWTH REGULATORS to prevent leaf yellowing of Easter lilies during greenhouse production. $1,800

Dr. Richard McAvoy. University of Connecticut. Studies on poinsettia bract necrosis. $2,000

Dr. Margaret Skinner & Dr. Bruce Parker. University of Vermont. SPRAY TECHNIQUES FOR insect-killing fungi in greenhouses. $2,000

Ms. Cheryl Smith. University of New Hampshire. Plant virus inclusion WORKSHOP: PROFESSIONAL improvement training. $ 670

Yearly amounts awarded
(amounts rounded, awarded Jan/Feb of each year)


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