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In addition to the resources outlined below, CUPS maintains a Service-Learning Resource Library that faculty may find useful as they create their syllabi and implement SL into their courses. Click the link above to view our resources online, or peruse them in person in our office, Harris-Millis 109.

Preparing Students to Enter Diverse Vermont Communities

This list contains resources that might be helpful for students who will working with diverse Vermont populations as part of their service-learning project(s).  It is also open for additions!  Please share resources that you have found effective in helping students recognize the current and historical contexts that have shaped the experience of various Vermont communities.

Annotated List of Resources for Preparing Students to Enter Diverse Vermont Communities

Resources & Ethical Considerations in Working with Refugees

Burlington is a designated Refugee Resettlement Community, and we find that many UVM students are interested in working with, or conducting research on, refugee populations in the area. Our students are rightly concerned and eager to engage; we want to support them in doing so. Those of us engaged in service-learning and community-engaged research recognize that the needs of our students for learning, growth and development must be considered in the broader context of the needs of our community. We want our students to be as fully prepared as they can before working with vulnerable populations and within overtaxed organizations.

This document lays out some of the considerations faculty should take when advising students interested in working with these populations, and lays out some resources that both faculty and students might find useful. We would also be happy to discuss these issues in greater detail; please don't hesitate to contact us.

Ethical Considerations in Advising Students Interested in Working with Refugees

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