Tree Fruit: Practical Guide for Organic Apple Production

Lorraine P. Berkett1, Renae E. Moran2 , M. Elena Garcia3, Heather M. Darby1, Robert L. Parsons1, Terence L. Bradshaw1, Sarah L. Kingsley-Richards1, and Morgan C. Griffith1
1University of Vermont, 2University of Maine, 3University of Arkansas

Growing organic apples in New England can be challenging and requires extensive knowledge of horticulture, disease and arthropod management, soil health, economic planning and strategic marketing.

Our goal is to share the authors' experiences and knowledge about organic apple production in New England through this Guide. It is not our intent to reinvent the wheel, but to give commercial growers a multimedia resource about the challenges and opportunities of growing apples organically. We aim also to connect growers to the endless information available through other universities, researchers, and growers.

Organic Horticulture

Organic Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Organic Soil Health & Ground Cover Management

Organic Orchard Equipment

Zestar! organically-certified apples

Last updated: 2012