Tree Fruit: Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

An IPM Checklist for Vermont

Lorraine P. Berkett and M. Elena Garcia, Department of Plant & Soil Science, University of Vermont

Safety and quality have always been top priorities for Vermont apple growers. IPM is an important component in producing high quality fruit and in reducing pesticide risks in apple production. The following is an IPM checklist developed through a USDA project entitled: "Linking Food Safety to Farm*A*Syst and IPM to Reduce Microbial and Pesticide Risks in Apples." A checklist dealing with Food Safety practices related to microbial concerns also has been pulled together by other participants in this project.

The IPM checklist was developed to serve as a quick reminder of IPM considerations during different times of the year. As such, it does not go into details. Details can be found in other parts of this website, or in other resource material.

December to March
March to Silver Tip Bud Stage
Green Tip through Pink Bud Stages
Petal fall through June