Step 1: Get started

step 1Get started! We're here to help. Tell us you're interested, activate your iAbroad account, attend a mandatory “getting started” advising session, confirm your eligibility and obtain academic advising — then you're on your way.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."
— St. Augustine

Take the first step — Activate your iAbroad account

When you activate your iAbroad account, you will be able to begin the study abroad inquiry process which outlines all of the steps you need to take to study abroad, and the order in which you should complete them.

Attend a "Getting Started" advising session

These mandatory advising sessions provide you with critical information about the types of study abroad programs, and how financial aid, credit transfer and other factors may affect which types of programs you will want to consider.

Sessions are offered weekly in the Career and Experience Hub (the "Hub") in the Davis Center when classes are in session. Check the OIE Calendar of Events for location, dates, and times.

checkmarkConfirm your eligibility to study abroad

To be eligible to apply to study abroad for a semester or more, a student must meet eligibility requirements for both UVM as well as for the approved study abroad program and/or foreign institution.

UVM's eligibility requirements ... You must:

More stringent conduct record eligibility requirements may be imposed by UVM short-term, semester, or exchange programs as stated in their applications.

Students who are on a leave of absence or otherwise are not enrolled in UVM classes the semester prior to the planned study abroad term must be granted permission by their academic dean's office and the Assistant Director of Study Abroad.

After initial UVM approval is granted, students must maintain good academic and behavioral standing until departing to study abroad for the UVM approval to become final.

Next step: Academic and study abroad advising

The Office of International Education is ready to help you down the path of planning for your experience. Learn about the academic and study abroad resources available and necessary to you in Step 2.