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Study Abroad Peer Advisor Job Description

Study Abroad Peer Advisors in the Office of International Education (OIE) are study abroad returnees interested in gaining pre-professional experience. Applicants must be eligible for work-study funding through Student Financial Services and be undergraduate students at UVM for the entire academic year. Peer Advisors work approximately 5 hours per week, with some additional evening hours. Training ideally begins in late August for fall semester and early January for spring semester.

The following descriptions are the primary responsibilities of Study Abroad Peer Advisors. There is some flexibility in assigning projects and participation in activities based on interests and skills.

Conduct "Getting Started" Advising Sessions. The purpose for these Advising Sessions is to provide basic information on Study Abroad to UVM students. Peer Advisors are in charge of providing information ranging from procedural to logistics about study abroad. Sessions are conducted in Living and Learning.

Meet Prospective Study Abroad Students. Peer Advisors will have the opportunity to meet and share their experiences with perspective Study Abroad students and their parents at specialized program events such as department-specific information sessions and re-entry gatherings. Advisors will assist with the Annual Study Abroad Fairs, open houses, re-entry gatherings, and other Study Abroad events and promotions. Tasks for these events include preparing informational materials, assisting in advance promotion, and working the event.

Working in the OIE Front Office.

  • Peer Advisor Duties in the OIE Front Office: Peer Advisors are responsible for peer advisor projects assigned to them such as maintaining an adequate supply of resource materials, scheduling appointments, organizing information, and checking emails. Peer Advisors may also help with budget sheets. Peer Advisors will also assist in the design and display of posters or other informational materials and distributing them across campus.
  • Assist with Advising: Peer advisors will assist students in providing study abroad information and advice primarily through e-mail but also in person, fielding general study abroad and SAAF-related questions.
  • Other duties in the OIE Front Office: The Peer Advisor is a back-up for the Work-Study. This means that the Peer Advisor will have to fulfill clerical duties, such as filing, making appointments and answering the phone.

Assist in the Pre-Departure Orientations: Peer Advisors are in charge of recruiting student panelists, coordinating and participating in the panel(s), assisting with student registration, contacting students to remind them of their specific pre-departure time/location, advertising, and preparing materials in advance. Peer Advisors will present to prospective students about issues such as Health and Safety or Cultural Immersion.

Preference will be given to returning students who demonstrate a genuine understanding of the study abroad process, are enthusiastic about helping their peers, familiar with Microsoft office applications, and are proactive and self-motivated individuals.  Applicants must be eligible for work-study funding through Student Financial Services and undergraduate students at UVM for the entire academic year.  Peer Advisors work 5-6 hour week, including some evening hours.  Training ideally begins in late August for Fall semester and early January for Spring semester.

Study Abroad Peer Advisor Application (PDF)

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