Northeastern Soil Monitoring Cooperative

Mission / Objectives / Purview

Mission Statement

The mission of the cooperative is to facilitate coordinated collection of high quality broad-based soil data to evaluate temporal dynamics, to complement meteorologic, hydrologic and biologic monitoring, and to support decision making and science education.


  1. Develop and share protocols for field and lab soil sampling and analysis
  2. Identify information needs that would benefit policy and management decisions
  3. Establish a rigorous multi-scale soils collection program whose continuity is maintained while responding to emerging issues.
  4. Synthesize existing soil monitoring data, including a critical review of past research and analysis of time scales of various soil dynamics
  5. Compile an inventory of useful historic/ongoing soil monitoring data and plots
  6. Provide open access to cooperative products and promote collaboration Promote opportunities at the graduate student/young investigator level.


The cooperative is affiliated with the Northeastern Ecosystem Research Cooperative (NERC). The area of focus is on New York, New England and eastern Canada.