Michael J. Strauss

Born:   March 1, 1940, San Francisco, California


1957-1959 University of California, Berkeley, California

1960-1962 California State University at San Jose, San Jose, California, B.S. Chemistry (with honors)

1964-1967 University of California, Davis, California, Ph.D., Chemistry, Thesis Advisor:   Professor L. Andrews

1968-1969 University of Dundee, Dundee, Angus, Scotland, Postdoctoral (Professor R. Foster)

1973-1979 University of Vermont College of Medicine.  A formal program in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology under guidelines of the Research Career Development Award (NIGMS).

Professional Experience:

1976-2000 Professor, Department of Chemistry (NIH Career Development Awardee     1974-1979), University of Vermont

1981-1982 Visiting Professor, Chemistry Department, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

1972-1976 Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Vermont,     Burlington, Vermont

1969-1972 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Vermont,
Burlington, Vermont

1967-1968 Imperial Chemical Industries Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland

1967 Senior Scientist, Aerojet General Corporation Sacramento, California

1962-1963 Development Chemist, Aerojet General Corporation, Sacramento, California

 Invited Colloquia 1972-2000:

Dartmouth College, New Hampshire
University of New Hampshire
Middlebury College, Vermont
Queens University (Kingston, Ontario)
Clarkson College of Technology, New York
Roswell Park Institute for Cancer Research
Norris Cotten Cancer Center, Dartmouth
Euchem Conference, Castel Gandolfo, Italy (Plenary Lecture)
State University of New York at New Paltz
Shell Development, Modesto, California
University of Idaho
University of California at Santa Cruz
San Jose State College
Vassar College, New York
Bates College, Lewiston, Maine
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Aerojet General Corporation, Sacramento, California
SUNY, Plattsburgh, New York
University of Paris, Physicochemie des Solutions, Paris, France
Universite des Faculte des Sciences de Rouen, Rouen, France
Russell Sage College
Holy Cross College
Naval Weapons Center, China Lake, California
St. Michael's College, Vermont
ARO Conference on High Energy Materials, Hilton Head
Plenary Lecture, Princeton Day School (Prep. School/High School Administration), Fall 1986.
Plenary Lecture, NCTE National Conference, Tampa, Florida, January 1987.
Gettsyburg College
Gordon College
Baker University
Lehigh County Community College
Virginia Military Institute
Milton Academy
Lake Region High School
Harwood Union High School
Weizmann Institute, Rehovat
Haddasah Hospital, Jerusalem
Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Bar Ilan University - Tel Aviv
Army Armament Research Command, Dover, NJ
Technion, Israel Institute of Tech., Haifa.
University of Maine at Presque Isle
Burlington College
St. Lawrence University
Potsdam College
Xavier University
Lehigh Valley Community College
 Wright State University
Waynesburg State College
Sioux Falls College
Kirghiz Academy of Sciences, USSR
Kirghiz State University, USSR
Nazareth College
St. Michaels College
Bucknell University
New Hampshire Technical College
University of Lowell
Morehead University
Buena Vista College
Salem College, Salem Massachusetts
University of Maine at Portland
Ursuline College, Pepper Pike, Ohio
Massachusetts Bay Community College
UMass Amherst
UMass Dartmouth
Westmont College
University of Rhode Island
University of Tennessee, Martin
University of Maine at Orono
Johnson and Wales College
College of Mount St. Vincents

Grade School and High School Workshops in Vermont and Massachusetts:

Champlain Valley Union High School
Bristol Elementary School
Orchard School
Robinson School
Chamberlain School
Starksboro Elementary School
St. Sebastians School
So. Hero Elementary School
Highgate Elementary School
Swanton School
Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union
Mt. Mansfield High School
Morristown Elementary School
Harwood Union High School
Edmunds Elementary School
Neshobe School, Brandon
Stowe Elementary School
 Sudbury School
Sandgate School
Monkton Elementary
Hinesburg Elementary
Barre Elementary School
Richmond Library (Magic of Chemistry)
Discovery Museum (Magic of Chemistry)
Williston Library (Magic of Chemistry)
Manchester Elementary
Bennington Elementary
Founders Memorial
Mary Babcock School
Channel 3  T.V., Science with Kids
Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Magic & Science Show for Kids.
Georgia School


National Institute of General Medical Sciences Career Development Awardee, 1974-1979

New England Association of Chemistry Teachers - Invited Speaker at the Summer Conference, 1979

Invited Speaker - Euchem Conference on Ring Closure Reactions, Castel Gandolfo, Italy, 1978

Invited Speaker - Symposium on Recent Advances in the Chemistry of Nitro Compounds, New York, 1976

Imperial Chemical Industries Postdoctoral Fellow, 1967-1968

NSF Predoctoral Traineeship, 1966-1967

NSF Undergraduate Research Award, 1961-1962

Invited Speaker, Conference on High Energy Compounds, Hilton Head, 1981

Invited Speaker, Institute for Logic and Cognitive Studies, University of Houston, Clear Lake (1984)

Invited Speaker, Conference of Independent Colleges (1989)

Invited Speaker, Council of Independent Colleges (1990), Omaha and Philadelphia

Kroepsch-Maurice Teaching Award, University of Vermont 1998

Administrative and Committee Experience:

Departmental Graduate Standards Committee (Chairman)
Departmental Brochure Committee (Chairman)
Committee for Graduate Curriculum Revision
Public Relations (Chairman)
Safety Committee (Chairman)
Chairman Search Committee, Department of Chemistry
Committee for Development of Methods for Improving Graduate Teaching Assistance (a University-wide committee)
Committee for Recruiting Minority Students into the Graduate College (a University-  wide committee)
Library Acquisitions Committee of the Environmental Program (a University-wide  committee)
Pre-medical Advisory Committee
Institutional Grants Committee.  Review proposals and disburse NSF institutional funds.
University Biohazards Committee
Site visit reviewer for NIH
Undergraduate Awards Committee (Chairman)
Chairman Review Committee (School of Professional Nursing)
Host arranging the IUPAC committee meeting for 1984
Affirmative Action Representative (a University-wide committee - 1986)
VISMT Steering Committee
Univ. Committee on Research and Scholarship - Chairperson of Physical Sciences Section
Advisory Committee on Teaching Education
Academic Enrichment Committee
Dean of Students Search Committee
Committee to Organize Exchanges with Historically Black Colleges
Committee on Writing (College of Arts and Sciences)
Committee on Orientation Review
Selection Committee, University Scholar
Selection Committee, Dean's Lecturer
Committee on Orientation and Connections
University Biohazards Committee
First Year Program Committee
Committee on College Honors and Individually Designed Majors, Chair
Advisory Board, Center for Teaching and Learning

Departmental Committees:

Outside Speakers Program, Chairperson
 Graduate Standards Committee, Chairperson
Affirmative Action Representative
Safety Committee
Advising Coordinator
Undergraduate Affairs and Awards Committee
Building Committee

Professional and Honorary Societies (current or previous membership):

American Chemical Society
Organic Division (ACS)
Sigma Xi
Phi Kappa Phi
American Association of University Professors
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Medicinal Chemistry Division (ACS)
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

Teaching Experience:

Physical Organic Chemistry (graduate level); Kinetics and Mechanism, H.M.O. Methods, Structure and Reactivity, Orbital Symmetry and Chemical Reactivity

Advanced Organic Chemistry (graduate level); Carbenes, Molecular Complexes, Heterocyclic Chemistry and Synthesis, Aromatic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Lab for Majors

Organic Chemistry (undergraduate majors and service courses)

Introductory Chemistry for Majors (undergraduate level); General Chemistry

Chemistry for the Allied Health Sciences, Introductory Organic and Biochemistry

Chemistry for Non-science Majors.  Relationships between the Humanities and Sciences, Chemistry 7 (evening division and regular sessions)

Summer Enrichment Program (course for minority students, summer 1986)

EDSS 295 - Institute on Creative and Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum (summer, three-credit course) for 50 high school teachers, along with Steffens, Fulwiler, Leff and Clarke

EDSS 200 - Science for Elementary Teachers, A Constructivist Approach

 Teacher Advisor Program (Designing the Molecule World) and (Science as a Way of Knowing)

Current Research Interests:

Heterocyclic and Medicinal Chemistry.  Use of NMR in mechanistic and structural problems.  Reactions of amidines.  Synthesis of heterobicyclic ring systems.  Kinetics and mechanism of reactions of aromatic compounds.  Aromatic nucleophilic addition and substitution.
Chemical Education, Elementary School Science Education

Research Students:

Graduate - (Ph.D.)

*Dr. Horst Schran (Pfizer)
*Dr. Stephen Taylor (Squibb)
*Dr. Robert Murphy (R.P.I.)
*Dr. Henry Margolis (postdoctoral at University of Chicago)
*Dr. Raymond Bard (Professor of Chemistry, Memphis State University)
*Dr. David Palmer (postdoctoral at Princeton)
*Dr. Albert DeFusco (Hercules)
*Dr. Rubin Torres
*Dr. John Phelan (Professor of Chemistry, Morehead State University)

Graduate - (M.S.)

*Mr. James Banovsky (New England Nuclear)
*Mr. Robert Drawbaugh (Vermont Department of Health)
*Ms. Sheila Rodman (Polaroid)
*Ms. Kathy Phelan
*Mr. Mike Whalen
*Dr. Richard Renfrow (Smith Kline Beecham)
Undergraduate - (B.S. Chemistry - University of Vermont)

Dr. A. Reznick (Technion, Israel, Ph.D. in molecular biology,
now Professor of Biology at Technion)
Dr. D. Deatt (M.D., UVM 1973)
Dr. J. Perez (Ph.D., Penn State - Chemistry)
Dr. T. Thieret (Ph.D., Cornell - Chemistry)
Ms. Marianne Patch
Ms. M. Hall (B.S. Chemistry)
Ms. Laurie Zienowicz
Dr. N. Tuttle (M.D., Michigan State)
 Mr. Josh Brickman
Dr. M. Born (M.D., Rockefeller University)
Dr. Donna Kiley (med. school, UVM)
Dr. J. Fitzgerald (med. school, UVM)
Ms. Tina Page
Mr. C. Brook (B.S. Chemistry), currently Ph.D. student at UVM
Mr. Deane Nason (B.S. Chemistry)
Mr. M. Manfredi (B.S. Chemistry)
Mr. David Evelti (B.S. Chemistry; Medical School, UVM)
Mr. Bao Nguyan (B.S. Chemistry)
Mr. Don Moser
Mr. Brian Blair

* - Theses Directed

Professional References:


Professor W.N. White, Chemistry Department, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont 05405

Professor Erwin Buncel, Chemistry Department, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Professor Francois Terrier, Chemistry Department, E.N.S.C.P., Physicochemie des Solutions, University P. and M. Curie, Paris, France


Professor J. McCormack, Department of Pharmacology, College of Medicine, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont 05405


Professor J. Thanassi, Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont 05405


Professor Russ Agne, Associate Dean, Graduate College, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont  05405

Professor Ann Nevin, College of Education and Human Services, University of Arizona, P.O. Box 37100, Phoenix, Arizona

Professor Toby Fulwiler, Department of English, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont 05405

Professors William Biddle and Tony Magistrale, University of Vermont, Department
of English, Burlington, VT  05405

Papers Presented:

1. "Reactions of Electron Deficient Aromatics with Organic Bases," Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of High Energy Materials, Dover, New Jersey, 1971.

2. "N-Bromosuccinimide Oxidation of Bicyclic Dinitropropenides to Isoxazoline N-Oxides," ACS National Meeting, Washington, 1971.

3. " and  Interactions of electron Deficient Aromatics and Amines," ACS National Meeting, Boston, 1972.
4. "Tricyclic Nitronates from the Reaction of Phloroglucinol and Cycloalkanones with Electron Deficient Aromatics," ACS National Meeting, New York, 1982.

5. "Thermodynamics of Carbanionic Sigma Complex Formation," ACS National  Meeting, Los Angeles, California, 1974.

6. "Synthesis of Narcotic Antagonist Amidinium Benzomorphan Nitronates," ACS Northeast Regional Meeting, Burlington, Vermont, 1974.

7. "Reactions of Enamines, Amidines, and Carbanions Involving Anionic Sigma Complexes, International Conference on Nucleophilic Substitution," Pennsylvania, April 1975.

8. "New Antineoplastic Derivatives of 6-Mercaptopurine," Symposium on Basic Science and the Problem of Cancer, Vermont Regional Cancer Center, 1975.

9. "New Routes to Heterobicyclic Ring Systems," ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, California, 1976.

10. "Reactions of  Complexes," IUPAC meeting, Santa Cruz, California, 1980.

11. "Ortho Substituent Cyclizations Involving Aromatic Nitro Compounds," ACS Meeting, Las Vegas, 1980.

 12. "New Radiosensitizing Agents," Vermont Regional Cancer Center, 1980.

13. "Meta Bridging Reactions of Nitroaromatics," 7th Northeast Regional ACS Meeting, SUNY, Albany, New York, 1976.

14. "Synthesis and Activity of Benzomorphan Amidinium Nitronates, A New Type of Long Acting Narcotic Antagonist," NIGMS Pharmacology-Toxicology Symposium, Washington, D.C., 1977.

15. "New Synthetic Routes to Pteridines and Quinoxalines.  Potentially Useful Antineoplasatic Compounds," Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Symposium on Basic Science and the Problem of Cancer, Dartmouth, New Hampshire, 1978.

16. "Cyclization of Anionic Sigma Complexes," York, England, IUPAC Meeting, 1978.

17. "Ring Forming Reactions of Anionic Sigma Complexes," Castel Gandolfo, Italy, 1978.

18. "Meta Bridging in Aqueous Solution," ACS Meeting, Honolulu, 1979.

19. " Complex Decompositions," Toronto IUPAC Meeting on Physical Organic Chemistry, 1979.

20. "Antineoplastic Nitrofurans," Symposium on Basic Science and the Problem of Cancer, Vermont Regional Cancer Center, 1979.

21. "Concepts and Symbols in Science from Greek Thought to Quantum Mechanics," University of Maine, Honors Lecturer, April, 1984.

22. "Scientific Symbolism and Method - Relevance in the Teaching of Science," University of Houston, Institute for Logic and Cognitive Studies, Plenary Lecture, August, 1984.

23. "The Chemistry of Novel Nitroheterocycles and Their Explosive Properties," Army Armament Command, Research Lecture, New Jersey, September 1984.

24. "Symbolism, Science and Developing Minds - Transitions from the Concrete to the Abstract," A Conference for Vermont Teacher's on improving study skills, October 12, 1984.

25. "Patterns and Symbols from the Microscopic and Macroscopic," Burlington College, Burlington, Vermont, November, 1984.

26. "Reactivity-Selectivity Relationships in Reactions of Ambident Nucleophiles with Nitroaromatic Electrophiles and Super Electrophiles" (with E. Buncel, R.A. Renfrew and J.M. Dust), Chicago ACS Meeting, 1985.
27. New York State Regional Inservice, Spring 1986.

28. Summer Institute for Vermont Teachers (June 1986).

29. "Synthesis of Picryl Cellulose," Canadian Chemical Congress, Quebec City, Fall 1987, with Torres, Buncel, Carignon, Phelan.

30. "Reactions of Picryl Ethers," Los Angeles ACS Meeting, September 1988.

31. NSF Plenary Lecture, Airlie House, Washington, D.C., June 1988.

32. "A Constructivist Approach to Grade School Science in Vermont," ACS meeting on Chemical Education, Davis, California, August 1992.

33. "Writing to Empower Learning in Chemistry," ACS Meeting on Chemical Education, Davis, California, August 1992.

34. "Reactions of Bis- and Trispionyl Ethers with Amines" (with J. Phelan), ACS Meeting, Boston, 1993.

35. "Writing to Learn Science", American Assoc. of Higher Ed Conference in
Washington, D.C., Fall 1994.

Research Support:

1. "Anionic Sigma Complex Carrier Moieties - A Novel Approach to Modulation of Hydrophilicity and Lipophilicity of Pharmacological Agents," 1970-1971, $2,945, PHS 7125-02, Proj. 8.

2. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, "Thermodynamics and Synthesis of Strained Polynitro Oxidizers - Solid Propellant Backup Systems for Liquid Propulsion," 1971-1972, $1,985.

3. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, "Condensation of Carbanions with Electron Deficient Aromatics.  The Preparation, Chemical Reactivity and Uses of Some New Bicyclic Anions," 1968-1970, $11,957.

4. National Science Foundation, "Interaction of Electron Deficient Aromatics with Bases and Neighboring Group Interactions at Aromatic Side Chains," 1969-1972, $4,103.

5. Army Research Office at Durham, "Reactions of Polynitro Aromatics with Organic Bases," 1969-1972, $28,223.

 6. Petroleum Research Fund - Type AC, "The Effects of Small Carbocyclic Rings and Olefinic Functions Ortho to Developing Positive Charge Generated During Solvolytic Displacements at Aromatic Side Chains," 1970-1973, $6,060.

7. Research Corporation, "Peri Interactions in Naphthalenes. Close Proximity Effects During Solvolysis at Aromatic Side Chains," 1969, $4,455.

8. NIMH, "Synthesis of New Opiate Antagonists," 1973-1976, $116,000.

9. AROD, "Kinetics, Thermodynamics and Synthesis Involving Electron Deficient Aromatics and Organic Bases," 1972-1975, $39,000.

10. American Cancer Society, "Latentiation of Antineoplastic and Immunosuppressant Drugs," 1973-1975, $30,000.

11. NIDA, "Synthesis of New Opiate Antagonists," II; 1976-1978, $33,000.

12. NIMH, Research Career Development Award, 1974-1979, $150,000.

13. NATO Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Anionic Sigma Complexes, 1979-1982, $10,000.  Terminated in December 1982.

14. Naval surface Weapons Center, "New High Energy Nitroheterocycles," 1981-1982, $12,000.  This work was done on sabbatical in Jerusalem and the grant terminated on May 31, 1982.

15. Army Armament Command, Dover, N.J. "High Energy Cellulose Derivatives," 1983 (February through September 30), $21,000.

16. UVM IDC Media Center, "New Methods of Instruction in Introductory Chemistry," $2500 1982-83.
17. Shell Development Screening Fund: $18,000 - indefinite.

18. Army Armament Command Renewal, Dover, N.J. 1985, $31,000/year.

19. IDC - A Videodisc Sampler for Introductory Chemistry, $2,500, 1985.

20. Graduate College Institutional Award - "Novel New Quinoxaline Di-N-Oxides," $4,500, 1984-85.

21. Shell Development Funds, ca. $1,000, indef.

22. ARADCOM Renewal, 1986 ($10,000).

 23. Funding 1986-87, Battelle, (ARADCOM) Renewal Again, $30,000.

24. Not administered through UVM, Macmillian (book) $1,000.

25. Not administered through UVM, Macmillian (video) $4,500.

26. NSF, "Teacher Enhancement in Physical Science," 1990-1993, $670,000.

27. College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Development Grant for K-6 Teacher Enhancement in Physical Science, $748.00, 1993-94.

28. Higher Education Cooperative, $8,500, "Transforming the Elementary Science Curriculum," February - September, 1994.

29. Eisenhower Grant, Dissemination of Constructivist Science, 1994, $8,500.

30. Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation - Teacher Enhancement in Chemistry, 2000, $19,000.


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