Quintessential Sophistry Point and Pace Calculator

The QSPoints program calculates Gardner-Purdy performance points for all running distances between 100 and 100,000 meters. It will work from performances to points, points to performances and pace to total time. It features interval workout pacing tables for any point value. (See the full list of features below.) The program is written for IBM-compatible PC's. It features a mouse-driven graphic interface, with eye candy like pseudo-3D buttons, a textured border and an animated title screen. Data can be saved to a text file, which can be printed or formatted by a word processor. Please note that because the program is written for plain DOS, it requires that a mouse driver be loaded. This is usually accomplished via the AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS startup files. The program does seem to work OK in Windows also, though the animation might flicker a bit in that environment.

Click on the icon to download the program now. The program is compressed into a self-extracting archive called QSP-ARC.EXE, so you don't need any copies of pkunzip, arj, lha etc. All you need to do is to place the file in the directory/folder of your choice and run it from the DOS prompt. It will extract 4 files:

[BULLET] QSPOINTS.EXE - the executable program file

[BULLET] QS1.RES - a binary resource (data) file

[BULLET] RUNNER.RES - another binary resource (data) file

[BULLET] QSPOINTS.ICO - an icon for Windows

QSPoints Features
If you have a frame-capable browser, you can see a more detailed version of this list, with descriptions of the screen shots.

[BULLET] You can enter a performance for any distance between 100 and 100,000 meters, or the English equivalent. The program will calculate the Gardner-Purdy points and your pace per kilometer and per mile.

[BULLET] You can enter any point value from 0 to 1300. The program will calculate performances for standard middle and long distances, and any special distance you specify.

[BULLET] You can enter any point value, and the program will generate pacing tables for interval workouts at that point level. This is arguably the most useful feature of the Gardner-Purdy system.

[BULLET] You can enter a pace per mile and a distance, and the program will calculate the total time for that distance.

[BULLET] Similarly, you can enter a pace per kilometer and a distance, and the program will calculate the total time for that distance.

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