History of the AKRAIA Chapter of Mortar Board

In the fall of 1913 a group of six senior women at the University of Vermont formed an honor society for the advancement of women, which aimed at leadership and unselfish service.  Eligibility for admittance into this society included "good academics, fine character, willingness to assume responsibility, and to give time and energy to promoting worthwhile activities on the campus."  Because of its membership requirements the society called itself AKRAIA, which in Classic Greek means the highest, the peak, the top of the student body.

In 1922 AKRAIA applied for membership in Mortar Board.  Membership was granted in 1924.

Since AKRAIA's establishment its members have striven to uphold the aims of the original founders.  Each year the members continue to proudly uphold its traditions, both as individuals and as a united whole.  Our time together is full of planning, laughing, meetings, personal triumphs, decisions both small and large, and the excitement of getting to know new people. 

Members of the AKRAIA chapter are selected because of their academic accomplishments and distinction in leadership and service.  Each member has the potential to contribute greatly to the continuation of Mortar Board's ideals.

We are scholars...Chosen for leadership...United to serve.