Mortar Board Members, Academic Year 2015-2016



Kathryn Maitland

B.S. in Elementary and Special Education

Laurel Saldinger

Vice President

B.S. Animal Science, Biochemistry
Minors in Nutrition and Chemistry

Nathaniel Fuchs

B.A. Public Health
Minors in Biology and GST

Claudia Hleap

B.S. Dietetics
 Minor in Psychology

Public Relations
B.S. Environmental Studies
Concentration in Environmental Health Justice.

Olivia Malone

Fundraising Chair
B.S. Wildlife and Fisheries Biology Major
Minor in Dance

Jess Cohen

NEDA Walk Chair
B.S. Elementary Education and Special Education

Maggie Rosa

Chapter Advisor

Patience Whitworth

Chapter Advisor


Jacqueline Collins

B.S. Public Communication
Minor in Nutrition

Julianne Daly

B.S. Mathematics and Computer Science

Benjamin Ely

B.A. Political Science
Minor in Psychology

Rachel Feins

B.A. Theatre
Minor in Pure Mathematics

Petty Kim
B.S. Animal Science
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Concentration
Minor in Chemistry

Priyanka Ravinchandran

B.S. Microbiology
Minor in Molecular Genetics

Fathima Sameen

B.A. Biology
Minor in Nutrition and Food Sciences

Sonya Shafique

B.S. Biological Science Major
Minor in Chemistry

Emily Seifert
 BSW Bachelor's in Social Work

Christie Valine

B.S. Communication Sciences and Disorders
Minors in Psychology and History

Emily Vayda

B.S. Biochemistry
Minors in Community& International Development 
and Nutrition.

Sarah Weiss

B.A. Biology, Anthropology
Minor in Global Health