Mass Spectrometry Core Laboratory

Vermont Center for Immunobiology and Infectious Disease (VCIID) Center for Biological Research Excellence (COBRE)

New Waters Xevo G2XS

Delivery and installation of the Waters Xevo G2-XS QTOF UPLCMS/MS

We tackle difficult problems in proteomics and metabolomics

Mission Statement:

The UVM Mass Spectrometry Facility is a core facility funded by the Vermont Center for Immunobiology and Infectious Diseases (VCIID) COBRE and the College of Medicine. The primary goal of the Facility is to provide investigators with support for experiments based on mass spectrometry analyses in the areas of proteomics and metabolomics. We provide support for experimental design, sample preparation, data acquisition, data analysis, and interpretation of data obtained. Services include proteomic analyses with a focus on quantification of proteins and posttranslational modifications, small molecule quantification, metabolite pattern identification, and measurement of rates and kinetics using stable isotopes of both metabolites and proteins.

Specific Goals:

Services Offered:

Facility Location & contact:

Discovery Hall room W312B

mail to: massspec@uvm.edu

Sample Submission

New projects:
On-going projects:

Costs for Sample Analyses:

Costs depends upon several factors, and these factors vary by year depending upon institutional and core grant support. Fees for sample analyses depend upon:

The Facility also stocks several stable isotopically labeled compounds for use by investigators
Doing so, allows us to gain quantity discounts and pass the savings on to users. Users are only billed for the amount of materials they need.

Examples of stable isotopically labeled substrates available from the facility:

Facility History:


CIDcollision-induced dissociation
ESIelectrospray ionization
GCMSgas chromatography-mass spectrometry
HPLChigh-performance liquid chromatography
IRMSisotope ratio-mass spectrometry
LCMSliquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
MSmass spectrometer
MS/MSCID-obtained tandem mass spectrum
PRMparallel reaction-ion monitoring
PTMposttranslational modification
SIMselected ion monitoring
SRMselected reaction-ion monitoring
TSQtriple sector quadrupole MS
UPLCultra-high performance liquid chromatography
QTOFquadrupole-time of flight MS