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THE LGBTQA Center@UVM is located on 461 Main Street in the Allen House, a historic building constructed in 1838 and home of the Center for Cultural Pluralism. Also in the Allen House are the Abenaki Outreach Program, Cooperative Christian Ministries, and the Mindfulness Practice Center.

Come for a visit?

We are open Monday & Friday, from 8:30am to 4:30pm, and Tuesday through Thursday. from 8:30am to 8:00pm. AdditioPlease feel free to stop by, and make sure to check out our Student Lounge, Cyber Center, and Resource Lending Library while you're here!

Our facilities

We maintain several facilities inside the Allen House, including:

  • The David Bohnett Cyber Center, providing free Internet access and other computing services to the UVM community.
  • A Resource Lending Library containing over 500 LGBT-related books and films, along with a small collection of LGBT magazines. These resources may be borrowed by members of the UVM community for up to 3 weeks. Our LibraryThing site contains a listing of all of the titles we own.
  • A Student Lounge is located on the first floor of the Allen House, which students visit to study, eat snacks, or simply hang out on the couch.
About the Allen House

The Allen House was built by Henry Boardman, son of pioneer boat builder, Benjamin Boardman, in 1838. Other owners included Farrand N. Benedict, professor of mathematics and engineering at UVM; Dr. Leonard Marsh, a medical doctor and a cousin of UVM President James Marsh and Dr. George P. Marsh; and John Allen, a lawyer whose family spent summers in Burlington and winters in Brooklyn, N.Y. After Allen and his wife died, his daughter sold the house to UVM in 1936. The house has been used as both a women's and a men's dormitory; the Luse Center for Communication Sciences; and, since 1977 the Center for Cultural Pluralism.

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