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Welcome to Vermont, the Green Mountain State!

The Vermont State Climate Office is housed within the Department of Geography at the University of Vermont, and is part of the State Climatologist Programme sponsored by the National Climate Data Center (NCDC), located in Asheville, North Carolina. At NCDC, all weather data for the U.S. are collected, corrected and archived. Data from other parts of the world are also maintained there. This web page contains many links to the NCDC database of climate and weather records for Vermont. It is also a gateway for Vermonters to learn about atmospheric processes and ways of reducing their vulnerabilty to climate hazards in an ever-changing climate system.

July 2009 hailstone in Westford sets new Vermont state record

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State Climatologists in Burlington

  • Vermont Public Radio interview - 9 July 2008
  • UVM coverage - 3 July 2008
  • Press release - 3 July 2008

  • Climate change articles & resources

  • Understanding climate change - Fraser Institute
  • Climate change collection
  • NCDC global warming FAQ
  • OURANOS climate links
  • Psychology & global climate change
  • Climate Literacy Network
  • Climate literacy - State of the knowledge
  • Climate variations in Vermont
  • Emerging Science - Weather and Climate Change

  • Locating Vermont weather & climate data

  • Current and daily weather, forecasts & climate change
  • Long-term weather, soils, hydrology, GIS data
  • Emergency management & disaster preparation links
  • EDC - NOAA software for GIS applications
  • Historical 1700s-1900s climate data project (CDMP)
  • SURFRAD (Surface radiation)
  • Federal & Vermont state agencies
  • Vermont Monitoring Cooperative
  • Searching the UVM Bailey/Howe library
  • Weather records at Middlebury College
  • Vermont Storm Events (Excel format)
  • Data on Vermont - Selected stations & Storms

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  • A primer on weather & climate in Vermont
  • Climate Anomalies & Extreme Weather Events
  • NWS 10th anniversary of Ice Storm of 1998
  • The Cooperative Station Program
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  • 2007 Drought
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  • Please drop us a line if you have drought information, weather stories, diaries or other climate information about Vermont!

    State Climatologist:
    Dr. Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux
    University of Vermont
    Department of Geography
    200 Old Mill Building
    94 University Place
    Burlington, Vermont 05405-0114

    (802) 656-3060 (phone)
    (802) 656-3042 (facsimile)

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