Life in Burlington

The Perfect Utopia of Vermont!


Basic Info About Burlington

Burlington, Vermont is a town like no other. Being the only of its kind in our state, Burlington is truly the hub of Vermont. Enjoy a cultural experience by walking down Church Street—with a delicious aroma of fresh, locally-grown food filling the air, claps and cheers of crowds as they applaud nearby street performers, local indie bands playing in the distance, and little shops lined along the street welcoming in anyone who needs solace from the cold, Vermont weather. Or if you are more into the New England scenery, walk a mile down to the Waterfront and marvel at the beautiful Lake Champlain, and the Appalachian Mountains towering majestically in the distance. Burlington, VT is not just a destination, it’s a culture. It has a unique, earthy, small-town vibe that you can’t find anywhere else, which is why many tourists are attracted to this small utopia. The purpose of this site is to reveal the different, unique aspects of Burlington that makes it such a great city.