Pictures from Inside a Beaver Lodge

A friend of mine (Brett Crane) works for the State of Vermont attempting to control damage from beaver ponds. In traveling the State, he discovered a pond that had drained due to the failure of the dam. This left the beaver lodge high and dry. Brett invited me to the site, and we had the chance to explore the inside of a beaver lodge.
The picture to the left shows the lodge. The entrance shown would have been underwater.

The picture on the right shows the opening we went in-- it is located to the right and behind the lodge.
After crawling in, the lodge interior sloped down and to the left (in picture to the left). This led to the opening ahown directly above.

Up and to the right were two passages. The far one lead to a bench constructed of small twigs and woven grasses-- obviously a living area.
I get a little claustrophobic-- and the sticks forming the roof were pointing down and back--reminding me a bit of the venus fly-trap hairs-- but Brett crawled in fully, and took the following pictures of the bench area.