interactive static analysis for rails

Derailer uses an automatic static analysis to produce a visual representation of the information flows within a Ruby on Rails web application. The visualization organizes the results of the analysis in a tree, with the goal of helping the user to quickly find the most sensitive information flows, and also allows the user to filter the set of flows based on the conditions under which they occur.

Note-taking App

This is an application for creating notes and sharing them with other users, based on an assignment given in a web application design course.

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Fat Free CRM

Fat Free CRM is an open-source customer relationship management system. Its source is available on Github.

See Analysis Results

To use Derailer, add the following three lines to the Gemfile of your Rails application:

gem 'derailer', :git => ''
gem 'method_source', "~>0.8.3",
    :git => ''
gem 'sdg_utils', :git => ''
Then, run bundle install to install the Derailer gems. Finally, run rake derailer to run Derailer's analysis. When the analysis is finished, it will start a webserver at http://localhost:8000. Navigate there using a web browser to access the interactive visualization.

Derailer is still relatively unstable. I welcome bug reports and patches either through github or via email (jnear at csail dot mit dot edu).