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This class of Holstein 2 year olds is from the CREAM herd at the University of Vermont in December, 1994. See the table at the bottom of the page for more information on individual cows.

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Cow# Name Herd NumberBorn 1st Calving Comments
Cow1 Burencrest dixie Jennifer 2285 3/1/92 4/4/94 urchased, later scored VG 85
Cow2 UVM Mascot Michele 2124 10/14/92 10/24/94 VG 85 as a 2 year old, top 10,000 CTPI list, AI interest
Cow3 UVM-CREAM Boutonnier Phoenix 2036 12/4/91 3/4/94 Still in the herd, now VG 88
Cow4 UVM-CREAM Dale Carmel 2057 3/1/92 5/15/94 later scored VG 88

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