Dairy Cattle Judging

by Dr. Jim Gilmore
Dairy Cattle Judging Coach, University of Vermont

Two classes of cows are presented here for you to judge. Both classes are Holsteins from the CREAM (Cooperative for Real Education in Agricultural Management) student-run registered Holstein herd at the University of Vermont. Class 1 is a group of 3 and 4 year olds from CREAM in April, 1993. Class 2 is a group of 2 year olds from CREAM in December, 1994. Four views of each cow are presented first, one cow at a time, for your evaluation (Evaluate). Next, all 4 cows are shown together (View). To finish preparing your reasons, compare cows (Compare). Use the placing screen (Placing) to look at the class in the order you placed them. If you have a smaller screen use the screen for 3 cows. The "Official" Site contains my evaluation of the cows, and my placing and reasons for the class (Official). If you have time, visit the CREAM web site for information a bout CREAM at the University of Vermont - a very unique educational program...a good herd of cows...and a great team of young leaders!

The picture on the right is of the Brett Klein Memorial Barn, the home of the CREAM herd at the University of Vermont.
Class 1Class 2
Evaluate Class 1 Evaluate Class 2
View Class 1 View Class 2
Compare Class 1 Compare Class 2
Place Class 1 Place Class 2
Official, Class 1 Official, Class 2

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