(H1) Neat Stuff

go see a fishy swimming around...an animated gif

find out how old you are in days

(H2) Check out the scrolling text at the bottom of the page!

(H4)(it's done with Java Script)

(H3, color=scarlet)I created the background by editing the CREAM.gif in LView and changing the contrast...then I defined the background=the changed picture (crmbkgd.jpg)...What do you think?

(H2)CREAM '99

Here's a link to UVM

Here's a link to CREAM

(H3) Here's 2 little fishy's swimming around...the first one is a link...the second one is a *.gif file in my directory.

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(H1) What is Your age in Days?

(H4)(...this is done with Java Script,too)

D.O.B Yr Mon Day Hr Min Sec
Accurate Normal
  • .
  • I Am... ...Years Old
  • .
  • Or... ...Days Old
  • .
  • Or... ...Hours Old
  • .
  • Or... ...Minutes Old
  • .
  • Or... ...Seconds Old

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