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Statistical Justification

1.  In this module, Dr. Shelley Naud, Research Biostatistician and consultant to the IACUC, describes different methods of justifying animal numbers. Justification may be statistical (a power analysis), based on tissue yield (for in vitro studies) or on projected student numbers (for animals used in teaching). Dr. Naud gives examples of different means of justification and describes statistical concepts which can be helpful in justifying and/or reducing animal numbers required in a project.

UVM Statistical Module

2.  The 3 R’s – by Dr. Michael Festing

This site provides an interactive short course on experimental design for research scientists working with laboratory animals. The aim is to reduce the number of animals which are used, improve the quality of the science and save time, money and other scientific resources.The 3 R's - Reduction module is for informational purposes only.  There is no test for this training module. Click on the link to gain access to the training.

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