Colchester Avenue west of East Avenue - Kim Smith

Elmwood Avenue - Kurt Jergensen

Intervale Avenue and Saint Louis Street - Rachel Podgurski

Manhattan Drive - Julie Weisgerber

North Avenue North Street to Lakeview Cemetery - Tracy Martin

North Street between Park Street and North Champlain Street - Michaela Hutchins

North Street between North Champlain Street and Elmwood Avenue - Jackson Evans

North Street between Elmwood Avenue and North Winooski Avenue - Lucy Pittman

North Street and Blodgett Street - Kim Smith

North Winooski Avenue north of 135 North North Winooski Ave. - Kempton Randolph

North Winooski Avenue from Pearl Street north to 103 North Winooski Ave. - Rebecca McNamara

Produced in December 2005, this project is the sixth in a series of annual research endeavors conducted by graduate students in the University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program. In previous years the research used historic maps as the main archival sources for analyzing how places have changed. This time the work is based primarily on an extensive collection of high quality photographs dating from the 1920s through the 1940s taken by Louis L. McAllister for the Burlington Street Department. Although the original purpose for the McAllister photographs was to document the city's street construction and repair projects, they now provide an outstanding resource for studying the history of a community, as well as insights into daily life before and during the Depression years. This study includes then-and-now pairs of photographs taken between Pearl Street and the Intervale, from North Avenue through the Old North End neighborhood to Colchester Avenue and Winooski Falls.
Historic Burlington Project
Burlington 1890 | Burlington 1877 | Burlington 1869 | Burlington 1853 | Burlington 1830

Produced by University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program graduate students
in HP 206 Researching Historic Structures and Sites - Prof. Thomas Visser
in collaboration with UVM Landscape Change Program
Historic images courtesy of Louis L. McAllister Photograph Collection University of Vermont Library Special Collections

December 2005

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