275 College Street

Thomas Peck House, circa 1835-45


By Walter L. Maros

This Greek Revival house was built ca. 1835 for Thomas Peck, a son of Dr. John Peck who made a fortune through his varied business interests (druggist, wholesaler and forwarder) in Burlington. According to David Blow, who provides copious information on the Peck family, this house was a wedding gift from Dr. Peck to his son. (1) According to the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation's research, number 275 was the first of four similar brick, gable-ended Greek Revival houses built on the south side of College Street by the firm of Morse Bros., who were bricklayers, masons and builders. After the Civil War, the house was inherited by T.S. Peck, who added the Italianate doors and the fret-work porch. The interior was altered in the late 1970's. (2)

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(2) Vermont Historic Sites and Structures Survey: Burlington ­ College Street.