64 North Winooski Avenue

Circa 1840s


By R. F. Panepinto

This large two and one-half story, L-shaped Greek Revival building has seen multiple uses in its day. The brick bearing wall construction on a stone foundation supports a wood truss roof sheathed with slate shingles on the Winooski facing leg and asphalt shingles on the Grant Street facing leg. The Winooski Avenue facing leg is two bays wide with symmetrically arranged one over one double-hung sashes. A semi-elliptical panel is located in this gable end. A half-enclosed porch extends for three bays on the interior of the ell. The Grant Avenue facing leg is differs from the Winooski facing leg. It is asymmetrically arranged with the entrance in the right corner. A one by two bay porch covers the entrance on the right side of the interior of this leg.

The structure initially served as a residence and a store operated by Roscoe Lillie who also owned the building. Since Lillie lived next door (72 North Winooski) it is possible the building served as a rental property from soon after it was built. Lillie sold the building and business to Williams and Wright in the late 1870's. A few years later (c. 1884), the building and business were sold to Pease and Storrs. Rollin Pease kept a store in the building until he passed away in 1891. His wife continued to live in the building until 1937. Operated as apartments today, it has been impossible to ascertain with any certainty which wing housed the store although the Worley map indicates the Winooski facing leg may have been the store. (1)

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