92 Adams Street
92 Adams Street
(north side between S. Winooski and Union)

Lois H. Coulter

This painted brick clad wood frame post and beam rectangular block with a one bay ell on the west elevation Georgian style house was probably built in the 1840s although a plaque over the back door gives its construction date as 1840. A single-family home until 19861 when it became a group home and offices, the rear entrance is accessible by a newly constructed ADA compliant ramp. George Morton, a director of the Merchants Bank lived in the house from 1879 until his death in 1899. It was conveyed to Frank W. Perry whose family held the title until his widow sold it in 1934.2 Subsequent owners have not made significant modifications to the structure. Four symmetrically placed interior brick chimneys are located in the main body of the house. It is a two-story 3x3 bay front gable orientation building on an uncoursed sandstone foundation. In addition to the one bay ell on the west side there is a 2 bay ell on the east side. The main entrance is a recessed door with sidelights and a narrow transom centered on the long end of the west side porch with its chamfered posts and lattice skirt. The trees and bushes growing around the foundation obscure much of the detail of the porch and entrance. The windows are consistent on all elevations; six over six light sashes with splayed brick lintels. The gable end is characterized by a semi-elliptical attic light centered in the enclosed pediment.3

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