The 1853 Presdee & Edwards maps of Burlington provided the basis for this survey. Examination of a recent aerial photograph of Burlington overlaid on the 1853 Presdee & Edwards map, in addition to a field survey, established the survival of any structure built between 1830 and 1853; these findings were then supplemented by research in secondary sources. The following maps of Burlington, all of which can be found in Special Collections at the University of Vermont's Bailey-Howe Library, aided this investigation: 1830 Ammi B. Young map, 1857 Wallings map, 1862 Wainwright map, 1869 Beers atlas, 1877 "Birds-Eye View of Burlington," 1890 Hopkins map, Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps from 1894, 1900, 1906, 1912, 1919, 1926, the 1938 update, 1942, the 1960 update, and 1978, and an aerial photograph taken in 2000; land records of the village and town of Burlington, city directories, and periodicals, in addition to other primary sources, were also analyzed. The Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps provided a range of dates for twentieth century alterations and additions, and the city directories provided invaluable help in determining dates of occupation and type of use for all structures after 1865. The private ownership of all structures surveyed and the physical limitations on research into the earliest land records of Burlington due to the ongoing renovation of Burlington's City Hall affected this investigation. By providing source documentation this work attempts to mitigate a shortcoming of previous surveys and to aid future scholars' investigations. All pictures were taken by the author.