HP 206 Researching Historic Structures and Sites

Students in the HP 206 Researching Historic Structures & Sites course taught by Professor Thomas Visser have produced this series of web sites to share their research as a public service. Follow the links below to learn more »

University of Vermont Campus History: Central & East Areas

Nourishing Places
in Vermont, New Jersey, Georgia and Louisiana

University of Vermont Redstone Campus History

Historic Church Street Blocks

Church Street "Top Blocks," Burlington, Vermont

1920s Burlington Landmarks

Retrospective Burlington: Case Studies in Preservation

Stereoviews of Burlington, Vermont

Mills & Factories: Manufacturing Heritage Sites in Burlington and Winooski, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont - Early 20th-century postcard views

University Green Area Heritage Study

Chittenden County Barn Census Project

Vermont Barn Census 13-town Project

Burlington Depression Era Streetscapes: South of Pearl Street

Burlington Depression Era Streetscapes: Old North End

Burlington 1890

Burlington 1877

Burlington 1869

Burlington 1853

Burlington 1830