Research in our lab focuses on the mechanisms through which cells sense and interpret their extracellular environment and the signaling pathways through which these environmental cues control cell shape and movement. We are especially interested in how localized changes in the extracellular microenvironment and in intracellular metabolism regulate the progression, invasion, and dissemination of cancer. Two major projects in the lab are: Investigation of the interplay between mechanotransduction and classical second messenger signaling pathways in the regulation of cytoskeletal dynamics & invasive behavior; and Investigation of how & why mitochondria are recruited to the leading of cells during migration and invasion. We use a variety of molecular and cellular techniques - including live-cell microscopy, optogenetics, microfluidics & microfabrication - to control, investigate, and analyze signaling pathways in live cells as they respond to changes in the extracellular microenvironment.