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Apple Sales

Apple Sales will continue at the farm on Fridays through NOVEMBER 20, 2015!!!

UVM Apple and Vegetable Sales begin August 28 at the UVM Horticulture Research and Education Center, 65 Green Mountain Drive, South Burlington, VT and will continue every Friday through November 20 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. An on-campus farm stand with vegetables and a limited selection of apples is open every Tuesday from 2:00 to 5:00 PM between Bailey-Howe library and the Davis Center.

Available apple varieties and vegetables will change each week as the ripening season commences. Please contact Terry Bradshaw at or 658-9166 for more information.

The mission of Catamount Educational Farm is to model sustainable farming practices through a working vegetable and fruit farm that provides educational and research opportunities for the UVM community. Students are integral in carrying out all activities of the farm, and this experiential learning environment provides them with real and diverse sustainable farm management skills. The farm contributes to the local food system of the university by marketing the student-grown produce back to the UVM community through a campus farm stand, CSA shares and a wholesale account with University Dining Services. All revenue from produce sales supports the farm so that it may serve academic and research programs on sustainable crop production.

2015 Approximate Market Dates

Zestar! 28-Aug
GingerGold 28-Aug
Williams Pride 28-Aug
Silken 28-Aug
Paula Red 4-Sep
NJ-109 18-Sep
McIntosh 18-Sep
NY 74828 18-Sep
NJ-109 18-Sep
VT Gold 18-Sep
NJ-90 18-Sep
McIntosh 18-Sep
Honeycrisp 18-Sep
Honeycrisp 18-Sep
Gala 18-Sep
Crimson Gold 18-Sep
Cortland 25-Sep
Arlet 25-Sep
NY 75414 25-Sep
Sep Wonder Fuji 25-Sep
NY 428 25-Sep
Crimson Crisp 25-Sep
Querina 25-Sep
Liberty 2-Oct
CQR-12-T50 2-Oct
NY 75907-49 2-Oct
Liberty 2-Oct
Macoun 2-Oct
Empire 2-Oct
Galarina 2-Oct
Ambrosia 9-Oct
Hampshire 9-Oct
Runkel 9-Oct
Crimson Topaz 9-Oct
Mutsu 16-Oct
COOP-29 16-Oct
Pinova 16-Oct
Mutsu 16-Oct
N Spy 16-Oct
Winecrisp 23-Oct

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