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Dean's Message

Abu Rizvi

The Honors College's residence at University Heights North (UHN) serves to create an academic community. UHN has our offices, classrooms, and public meeting areas. Our students find here ten resident advisors, a first-year mentor, a writing tutor, three resident faculty members, the residence hall and Honors College staff, and faculty members. Last week, the classrooms were full; they housed the eight sections of the first-year seminar, "The Pursuit of Knowledge," and fourteen sophomore seminars on topics as varied as health, Thoreau, robotics, gender, environmental politics, archeology, Darwin, and cryptography. Dean Rizvi's Message

Back to School!

Fall 2009 Move In Sunny skies. Mild temperatures. Light breezes. Gangs of smiling upper-class Honors College students mobbing cars to help first-year students unload suitcases, ironing boards and mini-refrigerators. It would be easy to understand if members of the Honors College Class of 2013 arriving for move-in day at University Heights North on Friday, August 28, 2009 thought they took a wrong turn off I-89 and instead of ending up at the University of Vermont they ended up in heaven. Welcome Back Article
Photo gallery of Fall Opening Activities

David Sloan Wilson - HCOL 095 First Year Plenary

David Sloan Wilson

It's a big year for Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution: Darwin was born 200 years ago; he wrote the Origin of Species 150 years ago. In acknowledgement of those anniversaries, but also because evolution is a powerful form of knowledge that finds its way into our first-year course, The Pursuit of Knowledge, we assigned David Sloan Wilson's Evolution for Everyone as this year's summer reading for our incoming class. Following established practice, the students read the book and wrote an assigned short essay on it for the first day of class. And then early this semester, they had the opportunity to hear the author speak in person at one of our Thursday plenary sessions for the course. David S. Wilson Article

Undergraduate Research Updates

Undergrad Research

This past summer the Honors College absorbed the Office of Undergraduate Research and the program’s long-time coordinator Gayle Bress. Bress, who used to run the HELiX and the 2008 recipient of the Sister Elizabeth Candon Women in Higher Education Award, will continue to advise undergraduate students in the Honors College and all over campus on grant and research opportunities. This month Bress discusses four different research programs that help students get out of the classroom and into the labs. Research Article

Summer 2009 Faculty Seminar

Undergrad Research

In August of 2008, at the concluding event of a successful Faculty Seminar on Transportation and Health, Dean Rizvi and President Fogel had a conversation about ideas for the next summer’s seminar. Perhaps partly in response to the excellent meal that he had just shared with the participants of the seminar, President Fogel suggested that we might think along the lines of food. He had been excited by a growing transdisciplinary interest and expertise on campus around the idea of food—from growing it, to distributing it, to processing it, to preparing it, to eating it, to educating ourselves and others about it, to attitudes about it—and he imagined a diverse group of faculty coming together the next summer to talk about what has come to be known as "food systems" thinking. Summer Faculty Seminar Article