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I am grateful to the following individuals, galleries, and institutions for their assistance:


            David Acton at the Worcester Art Museum

            Joan Brinkley at The Cleveland Museum of Art

            Catherine Burns and Sarah Horowitz at the Catherine E. Burns Gallery

            Ray Castello

            Margaret Chalmers and Judy Young at Crones Collectibles

            Gala Chamberlain at  The Annex Galleries

            Jerry Cohen at Craftsman Auctions

            Victoria Dailey

            Barbara Dixon

            Van Davis

            Judith Eurich and Brooke Corley at Bonhams & Butterfields

            Kim Feller

            Susan Futterman

            Roger Genser -- The Prints and the Pauper

           Conrad Graeber

            Sue Grinols at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

            Elissa Grodin

            Karen Hellickson

            Bruce Hinckley

            Glen H. Jones

            Marc and Judy Kessler

            Barbara Leitenberg

            Delfin Magapanty at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

            Jim Main at James Main Fine Art

            Denise Mannino at Mannino Arts

            Penny McBain

            Denney Miller

            Jeff Moran and Shane Strong at John Moran Antique and Fine Art Auctioneers

            Robert Newman at The Old Print Shop

            John Rossetti

            Dave Rudd at Dalton's American Decorative Arts

            Jonathan Scheer

            Lisa Scholten and Jodi Lundgren at the South Dakota Art Museum

            Gwynn Seares

            Karen Shafts at the Boston Public Library Prints Department

            Joe Sheridan

            Ira Spanierman at Spanierman Gallery

            Steven Thomas at Steven Thomas Fine Arts and Antiques

            Molly Warner

            Rebecca Weiss and Todd Weyman at Swann Auction Galleries

            Reba White Williams and Elizabeth Peterson at the Print Research Foundation

            Mike Witt and Jim Messineo at JMW Gallery

            Helena E. Wright, National Musem of American History

            Betty Uyeda of the Seaver Center for Western History Research