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Major Areas of Clinical Laboratory Research

Reinforcing Effects of Drugs (Higgins):  This project experimentally analyzes processes affecting smoking and other forms of drug self-administration.  Early abstinence and the influence of non-pharmacological factors on drug self-administration are also investigated.

Smoking Cessation Among Opioid-Dependent Patients (Sigmon & Higgins): We aim to programmatically test components of a voucher-based smoking cessation intervention in methadone maintenance patients.  This project will culminate in an effective behavioral intervention for reducing cigarette smoking among methadone-maintained patients.

Nicotine Withdrawal in Pregnant and Postpartum Cigarette Smokers (Heil & Higgins):  This study is the first prospective characterization of nicotine withdrawal and craving in pregnant and recently postpartum cigarette smokers.

Natural History of Smoking Cessation (Hughes): We are studying tobacco smokers who try to quit or reduce on their own to describe their success and correlates of being successful.

Novel Formulations of Opioid Pharmacotherapies (Sigmon):  We will be pursuing a new line of research investigating novel formulations of pharmacotherapies for treatment of opioid dependence.  Sustained-release formulations of buprenorphine, using injectable, implantable and transdermal technologies, are being developed that may simultaneously reduce the cost and clinical burden of treatment, increase the availability of effective treatment to patients, and eliminate the risk associated with diversion or abuse of the medication.  We will be conducting clinical trials examining the pharmacodynamics and clinical effectiveness of these novel formulations in the treatment of opioid dependence.

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